Is Storing Our Data on the Cloud 100% Safe?

Is Storing Our Data On The Cloud 100% Safe

Cloud storage stores data on the internet. It uses the internet as a super tool to store this data and provides data storage as a service to the customer—Cloud storage stores data on various servers, which are in turn hosted by third parties.

In short, cloud storage is a service that transmits and stores data in a storage system where it can be preserved, supervised, and backed by users using the internet. And if one needs more space to store data without investing, then you can try an upstore premium account 2020. Cloud storage charges users based on the amount of storage they have opted for.

There are three types of cloud storage models:

1. Public:

This cloud service provides a multi-level storage service. This type of service is suitable for unstructured data. Here data is stored in data centers, and the information is accessible to people across a vast area or continents. This cloud sector is mainly led by Amazon Simple Service, Google Cloud Storage, etc

2. Private:

Various organizations predominantly use this cloud service. This cloud service is similar to the public but differs in its privacy. This storage cloud cannot be publicly accessible. The accessibility rights remain only with the respective organization and its authorized personnel.

3. Hybrid:

Hybrid cloud storage is a combination of both public and private cloud storage. The hybrid cloud forms a bridge between a public and a private cloud. Though these clouds are linked together, they are not connected. They remain as two distinct bodies. The advantage of this hybrid cloud lies with the ease of selecting the best cloud suitable based on the application we are working on.

Should you store your data on the cloud server?

In olden days people use hard disks, cd’s to store data. As the technological era started to gain pace, the world began to rely more on cloud-based storage. Though cloud storage stores data in data centers, we can use the cloud with necessary precautions in hand to ensure security for our data. There are some concerns regarding cloud security:

  • Cloud security does not guarantee 100% safety of the user’s data. There is always a threat posed by hackers, cybercriminals.
  • Cloud storage is not entirely private. Even though the data is safe from hackers, the data can be viewed. If there arises a legitimate issue, the government can ask for the information to be seen by them. But the final decision remains with the cloud service provider.
  • Cloud storage is wholly based on a reliable internet connection. Without a proper relationship, we cannot access our data.
  • The main motto of this idea of cloud computing is to eliminate physical storage devices. But somehow or the other vast number of business storage services rely on hard disks as well.

Apart from the disadvantages mentioned above, there are more pros than that of cons. The various advantages of cloud computing are:

  1. The expedition for cloud-based storage is less as compared to that of physical storage devices.
  2. Cloud storage provides access to information from anywhere around the world.
  3. If the physical room is damaged, the whole report is lost. But in cloud storage, there will be no such issue. Our data would be recovered at any time we wish to see.
  4. Cloud storage provides various levels of security measures to ensure that our data is completely hidden and secured from hackers and cybercriminals.

Therefore we can understand that cloud data is safe. But people tend to fear because typically, the information is provided to an anonymous data center where the hub is not at our control. But in reality, cloud storage is safer than physical storage. Our data is provided with high security. If we store our data in physical drives because of terrorizing cybercrimes, and if people out there want to steal our data stored in physical disks, it can be done even though a burglary. moreover, cloud storage provides various levels of security like:


Data that we store is stored in the form of packets. These data packets are inspected based on the source address, a destination address, and also the data inside the package. These firewalls protect our data from unauthorized access and secure our data with utmost responsibility. Through internal firewalls, cloud storage prevents data access, which will enhance security and reliability.

Intruders exposure:

Cloud storage uses Intrusion Detection System(IDS); to prevent intruders from accessing the user’s data. This system identifies the intruders who tried to view the private data of the users and prevents them from doing so.

Maintaining event logs:

Cloud storage maintains event logs and records up to date events to understand threats posed by hackers. They log these records based on network actions. These actions will aid them in preventing cyber crimes.


Encryption is a process of encoding the data or a message so that only the required individual can view it or who has access to it .Therefore due to this precaution. Even if the hacker or the cybercriminal breaks into the stored data, they cannot read it unless they have a secret key with them. Data can’t be read by anyone without a key.

Final Thoughts

No system is 100% reliable. But cloud storage reaches the top-notch in this storage aspect. Data is considered to be safe and secure here. To maintain safety, one must take all the precautions required to have self –assurance, and poise to store their data on this platform.



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