What are the Different Types of Salesforce Clouds?

Types of Salesforce Clouds

A customer relationship management platform that is meant for the complete growth of its customers is Salesforce. It is helpful to the customers in 2 ways:

  • By using it the customers can create applications for themselves
  • It helps them in the marketing of their items

For connecting with customers in a much better way, various organizations use a number of products offered by Salesforce. Their efficiency can also improve with the help of these products.

Some very big companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google are using this platform. With the help of this common platform, the companies can get the benefits of cloud services for the purpose of accessing each and every offering of the industry.

Your business’s several processes can be automated by using this platform.

Now I am going to describe about different types of Salesforce clouds.

Sales Cloud

Sales process can be automated by using this cloud. When using a number of channels, the communication and coordination among the customers can be maintained with the help of this cloud. For boosting sales, lead generation is very important and in doing all that this cloud service plays a significant role. B2C businesses, as well as B2B businesses, can use this service.

Marketing Cloud

It is basically a SaaS platform for the marketing automation of Salesforce. The base versions of this cloud are of 4 types. The various advantages of this cloud are as follows:

  • For reaching customers, it uses push/SMS notifications
  • Automating the channels of social media/marketing/email is possible with this
  • It offers a real-time engagement with the customers

Across multiple channels, automating the journeys is possible with the help of the analytics system that this service offers.

As an example, by using this service checking the interaction of the customer will be possible for your team. The potential audience can get the optimal message from the marketing team if the marketing team uses this service. For maintaining and managing relationships with customers this platform uses artificial intelligence. Reaching and targeting the customers at the right time can be made possible with the help of this platform.

Commerce Cloud

If you want that just like the SaaS service the e-commerce should work then this platform can help you a lot. To make e-commerce work like that a lot of improvements have been made in it. This service provides total support for e-commerce because a lot of optimizations have been made in this service. The organizations can get a B2C functionality from this service.

With the use of social channels, offline channels, mobile and digital channels, managing e-commerce and marketing is possible here.

By using the administration panel, it is possible to update the various upgrades that Salesforce offers.

If you want to plan the journey of the customer then you can get all the necessary direction from an excellent feature of this service known as the Product roadmap.

This platform updates various features constantly.

Service Cloud

Salesforce offers a SaaS platform for managing customer service and the name of this platform is Service cloud. To personalize the customer support and resolve cases you can get help from this platform because it can function as a help desk. For powering the performance of this platform, various add-ons are present with this. Some of these useful add-ons are:

  • Custom reports and dashboards – The customer’s various activities like the history of customer care support and their orders can be seen in a 360-degree view with the help of this add-on.
  • Lightning Service Console – If you like to take help from customer care then one among many agents will be ready to help you. In order to assist the customers, the analytics will be provided to the agents with the help of Lightning Service Console.
  • Case management – To give information about all the cases to the sales agents, the interactions of the customer are kept in the form of a record in a multifunctional dashboard.

Community Cloud

To connect agents, partners, employers and customers this social platform of Salesforce helps a lot. For boosting customer service, everyone can get data from this platform. Reaching your community members and the third-party agents by tapping into the CRM data is possible with this platform. The help desks of IT and the HR people can use this service. For sending the real-time data the customers can use this platform. There are 2 ways in which this platform can provide a personalized experience to customers:

  • By efficiently completing the tasks of the customers
  • By establishing a connection between the backend team and the customers

With Salesforce Data Cloud Development, you can use the same customer data and the same platform to get the benefit of various services like building mobile applications, business analytics, marketing automation, customer service, ERP, sales and CRM. Your business can get a lot of help from these applications.



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