Invisalign: Making People Smile


Even the most cynical of people can be won over by a great smile and with Invisalign Sydney, crooked teeth can be changed into that winning smile without the long amount of time that traditional braces involve or the discomfort that commonly comes with having metal tracks in the mouth.

This technology – was invented in the ‘90s when metal tracks and colourful braces were the only orthodontic option available to middle schoolers and adults alike. It is embraced as the preferred orthodontic treatment in the 2020s by both adults and teens alike, it is the preferred choice for invisible tooth alignment.

The psychology of a pleasing smile

Much research has been done on the psychology of the human smile, studies on which muscles are used and when can indicate a genuine sense of love or enjoyment, as well as the opposite, microfacial expressions and fake smiles, can help detect a false friend. But interest in a straight smile and obtaining clear aligners lies in society’s perception of having straight teeth.

Unconsciously, people make judgments on their first impressions of another person, their handshake, where their eyes linger, how they speak are all initial cues humans take on how to analyze one another upon meeting, the teeth are another one of these unconscious things that people notice and make assumptions on. Studies have indicated that people with straight teeth are often considered by others to be more likely to find a partner sooner, be more successful, and are even thought to be healthier than people with crooked teeth. By no means is this true, it is only an unconscious assumption going way back to hunter-gatherer times when having strong and healthy teeth meant longer life and of course nowadays people with crooked teeth may well be very clean and hygienic, but it still doesn’t change the psychology behind a first impression.

Due to the habit society has of making judgments on appearance alone, people all over the world have a vested interest in upholding beauty standards and are likely more inclined to do it in secret to avoid any further judgments. It is often seen in the media that celebrities are criticized ‘having work done’ and it could be that regular people want to avoid that kind of criticism too and get their teeth straightened with discretion.

teeth straightened

What Invisalign can do

Changing a smile to a healthier and more aesthetic position can be done with this invisible appliance without the embarrassment and hindrance of traditional braces. By using 3D imaging technology and computer algorithms, clear aligners can be custom created to each person’s individual needs, an entire set is made at once and sent to the patient who can change them on their own at home ever 1-2 weeks.

Treatments usually take under a year to complete and invisible aligners may fix; underbite, open bite, crossbite, deep bite, crowded teeth, and gapped teeth. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and nay have less chance of developing tooth decay or gum disease which is why fixing a crooked smile can affect overall health in a good way.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second

opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.



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