How to Exercise During Pregnancy: Safe Workout

How to Exercise During Pregnancy

The most blissful phase in a woman’s life is when she is expecting a baby. This is the time when she is most concerned about her health and cares about more than anything else in this whole wide world. There’s one more life connected to her, and so she wants to make all healthiest choices for her baby and herself. For many, this means getting into some sort of exercise routine.

Fitness experts say, unless a woman has a high-risk pregnancy or the doctor advised no to do so, working out in pregnancy is not only healthy but also recommended. Of course, workout during pregnancy depends largely on what your fitness level is, which trimester you’re in, and how you’re feeling. So, one must be clear with this part, understand and realize not to take risks in this crucial stage.

Worry less, Just go ahead!

Now you must be thinking about which month to start exercise during pregnancy? Well, according to the Trainer, exercising is the healthiest thing to do for all times. Never say “NO” to exercise, even if you are pregnant, though you can decide the level and type, according to your condition and tendency. Indeed, there is a big difference in the intensity of workout you perform, which strictly depends on the trimester you’re in. To help you with, figuring out what you should and shouldn’t be doing at this time, we are here. This post will tell you everything that you need to know about working out while pregnant.

So, stay tuned and watch out our health tips for how to stay healthiest during your nine-month journey.

Tips for How to Exercise During Pregnancy

  1. Do not stress, keep things simple!

Remember, you are in no way be remaining slim now. You will surely gain weight, similarly, your body shape will change too. So, no need to get depressed with this fact. It’s ok! You are pregnant. Things are never going to remain the same forever.

Just avoid some jolting, bouncing, or jerking movements and prefer some target balance exercises, core strength, and range of motions instead.

  1. Be comfortable for anything you do

Make sure you pay full attention to what your body tries to tell you. At the time of pregnancy, it is strictly unadvisable to overheat or overwork body. Listen to your body and honour what you’re feeling because each day is so different. Just make sure you keep moving to avoid back pain, headaches or rest of body aches.

You can also consult some Online Personal Training experts to know what should be done to stay healthy, fit and charming during pregnancy.

  1. Prenatal Yoga Workout

You don’t have to lift heavy weights during pregnancy, instead, go for some yoga moves. This is simple and can be done at home as well. Prenatal yoga not only strengthens your core and improves flexibility, but also with its gentle movements, and emphasis on breathing and meditation fosters a sense of calmness.

Well, if you are a swimmer, you can go for water aerobics too. It won’t let you overheat and moreover your joint will feel good with such actions of yours.

  1. Cool Pilates is the best option

Pilates is considered as the best training when pregnant. Pilates helps in maintaining the abdominal muscle tone which supports the growing belly of pregnant ladies, minimizes back pain, and gives more oomph for pushing at the time of delivery. You are recommended to do the side-lying leg work, upper- body exercises, and stretches in this case.

But make sure to avoid crunches after the first trimester. Crunches can lead to the compression of the vena cave by the growing uterus. Vena cava is the major vessel that returns blood to your heart, potentially reducing blood flow, resulting nausea.

  1. Set upon some Cardio Machines

Women, who didn’t have a very active lifestyle and suddenly after learning about pregnancy decides to uptake cardio machines, this sudden higher impact and intense cardio would be deemed too excessive as a starting point of the exercise for that pregnancy. So, make sure you don’t begin with this and never go in extreme.

However, you can go for a small warmup session on these cardio machines, which is quite a healthy way of performing exercises during pregnancy and can never go wrong. As a matter of fact, Cardio machines for exercise during pregnancy like treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike strengthens the core, glutes, and legs, reducing body pains. All you have to do is stretch out for 5 min, then get onto this without beading sweat.

Final words

Talk to your doctor first: The first and foremost thing you must do when you come to know about your pregnancy is rush to a doctor, learn about all the dos and don’ts. Your doctor will most likely clear you about all medical or obstetric risks.



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