Best Money-Saving Tips on Your Bangkok Pattaya Trip

Bangkok Pattaya Trip

Exploring a world is a dream of every curious man, knowing different people, tasting a variety of delicious cuisines, observing different lifestyles, acknowledging multiple histories, traditions and cultures, and many more things. Thailand list’s first in every visitor plan from magnificent ancient temples to umpteen beaches and nightlife clubs and pubs. Although planning a trip to Thailand is very easy, booking the Bangkok Pattaya Packages is also not a big task.

But, how to save money along with safe stay in your Trip is a big question mark? So, people who are planning out their tour to Bangkok Pattaya, we have got you many easy-to-manage tips to save money on your luxurious trip to most alluring cities of Thailand.

Book Tickets Wisely

Book Tickets Wisely

You can probably go to the airlines’ websites to book your Bangkok Pattaya Tour tickets directly from it for better prices. Booking your e-tickets online from advertisements of unauthorized or unpopular companies or airline websites which can lure you by displaying discounts and in reality, they work as a hoax to your money as bait. So before directly booking your flights, give time in research for searching the scheduled flights of the same date, might you get a fare at the best price.

Saving Cost on Transport

Saving Cost on Transport

The first rule of traveling in Bangkok Pattaya Trip is to prefer using Metered Taxis, asking the driver to start the meter as you get into the Cab. No matter how sweet anyone may seem, his innate moto will be to extract money from you. So be aware of such drivers.

Tuk-Tuks Touts in Bangkok is another option for transport, but it might prove uncomfortable to many tourists due to its harsh climate and terrible pollution. So preferring Air Conditioned Metered Taxis will prove cheap and comfortable. Also, you can go for cheap SkyTrains or BTS public transports, there would probably be no issue with the sign-boards as all the signs are in English.

Stay Near to Tourist Destinations 

Places like Khao San Road or Silom road both are near a few Tourist Destinations. As staying near destination places will eventually lead you to save money by saving additional transport costs. Staying at the mentioned roads you would get frequent running Public Transport on the main roads with plenty of local buses. There is also an alternative to local transport, that you can also walk to the Chao Phraya Express Boat Terminal, where you can easily catch a ride to other spots of the town.

Money-Saving Tips on Eating and Drinking

Eating and Drinking

Eat freely from the Thai-Street Vendors or small family-owned Restaurants, would cost you less rather than going in a big highly luxurious ambiance holding restaurants or dining places. Surely, you would feel thanked after experiencing such a Thai-Street Cuisines.

Street food in Bangkok is so tempting that even if you eat daily, you won’t get bored with it. Street Vendors are so much possessive towards their customers that they maintain good hygiene and are careful with their ingredients and quality. As if their quality goes down they won’t get their regular crowd. So this is a nice idea and pocket-friendly advice for your Bangkok Pattaya Holidays.

Save your money on Shopping on Bangkok Pattaya Tours

Save your money on Shopping

The Ultimate Bargain-Hunter, Bangkok would provide you to have the best shopping experience in your Bangkok Pattaya Tour, here you can probably buy anything you have imagined.

If you want to buy Clothes, Jewelry, traditional crafts, live pythons or roosters, you can get it in a 35-acre market place named Chatuchak Market at a fraction of the cost from the other markets. Due to its cheap prices, it drew millions of visitors here every year.

Buying Gems in Thailand is a ‘No’

Until you are a Gem expert or you can acknowledge the Gem by its price and quality, then only put an effort to buy a gem. Otherwise, you may end up buying the normal stone in a high range Gem cost.

Be careful at Bangkok bars

Be careful at Bangkok bars

During Bangkok Pattaya Tour, it is advisable not to spoil your amazing trip by falling prey to Pimps-Touts. Of course, on a trip to Bangkok Pattaya, it is mandatory to enjoy the Nightlife by visiting Bars and Pubs. But try not to go upstairs to any bars such as Patong or Go-Go Bangkok bars, where you make face tricky pimps, touts or ladyboys who wait for visitors to ripping off their money by asking you to peep inside or to just have a coke with them, which might cost you more than 100 Baht. Once you are inside, you will be hounded by many Thai-girls to buy them drinks for foodstuffs. Better to avoid visiting such risky zones.

Be aware of Ladyboys 

Try to keep distance with Ladyboys of Thailand,  Although their feet and hands have got masculine structure, they look like genuine women, it is not easy to make out the difference.

If you are willing to see such Ladyboys, you can possibly attend the night entertaining shows of Ladyboys like Alcazar Cabaret Show, Tiffany Cabaret show or Cimon’s Cabaret. You can enjoy the full show but if you are looking to have a selfie or picture with them, they can ask you a good sum of amount, some of them may allow you without expecting anything but many of them charge for the pictures.

Some other Money Saving Traveling Tips are:

  • Try to visit all the old places in Thailand, the reclining Buddha, the Royal Palace, and more Buddhist Temples, as they could charge you 100-200 baht, to gain entry.
  • Try to avoid fantasizing shopping malls, in Thailand, these malls may seem enticing but are really very expensive. It is advisable to better opt for street shopping markets like Chatuchak market in Bangkok, to get a variety of cheap and handy goods.
  • Try to book your Bangkok Pattaya tour in advance as if you book your hotels and packages after your arrival, it will cost you just double what you can get through packages.
  • Respect the Thai-King! Natives of Thailand are very proud of their King and Royalty, so if you praise their royal family, their monarch, you could get a good discount. Try to avoid criticizing anything of Thailand in front of any native.


Bangkok Pattaya Tour is a safe, iconic and budget-oriented International trip. I hope my above-mentioned list of tips for saving your money on your Tour will surely help you in making your trip more affordable. Apply these tips, even if you are going on affordable Bangkok Pattaya Packages through travel companies. So pack your bags and book your package, get excited about money-saving and affordable International Tour, and enjoy it, Happy Journey!



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