How to Spot Tigers on a Tiger Safari in India?

How to Spot Tigers on Tiger Safari in India

Tiger, the National Animal of India, symbolizes incredible Power and Strength, Grace and Elegance, Agility and Swiftness considered as Pride of India. Who doesn’t want to see such an honored animal? Nowadays going on Tiger Safaris, how fortunate were the people who lived 100 years ago when Sighting a Tiger was not a big deal, the Tigers were easily spotted by any common man without visiting a jungle, how thrilling it would have been to them. In today’s time even if we go to Jungles/National parks, nobody can guarantee you that you would spot the Tiger or any desired animal.

So if you are planning to go on a jungle ride with your friends or family for Tiger sighting, here are some true facts with many tricks to spot tigers on a Tiger Safari in India.

Choose an Appropriate Time

National Parks in India

Yes! This is a very important point to acknowledge the time to visit the National Parks in India. Rainy season or winter season is not at all an appropriate time or season to visit the jungle. What if you plan your trip during rains and it got showers on the same of Tiger Safari? Of course, your whole day would be spoiled. Also, Rainy season is not at all safe to visit a jungle, as it is a time when all the insects and animals get in the mood to move around on the roads, in simple words they come out from their bills.

In winters, Tiger and other animals are more fixed to their place and don’t feel like to move from their comforts, as winter freezes all unless they are hungry, to go on a hunt.

So the best season to go on a Tiger Safaris in India is the Summer Season, in which Tigers and other animals come out of their comforts to the ponds or water bodies to relieve themselves from the scorching hot.

Be Zone and Vehicle Specific

Jungle Safari in India

Choose the Right Zone: this is a very essential thing to note, choose National Park where there is a permit to enter in the buffer zones of the park. Like many Jungles or Parks, entering in the Buffer Zone is a NO, so just acknowledge this, before booking you Jungle Safari in India. In the dense forest, you would get, many Tiger Territories, and Spotting a Tiger would be a possible chance.

Choose the Right Ride: For a Jungle Ride, indeed the best Vehicle is ‘Jeep Safaris’. When you book a ride, you get two options, Jeep or Canter Safari. If you want to Spot a Tiger, then booking a Canter wouldn’t be a wise decision. As canter is a big Vehicle carrying a good number of people, as more people would be noisier it becomes and noise can prove an obstacle in tiger Sighting that’s why booking personal Jeep safaris are more favored for the Jungle trip. Although, Jeep safaris may cost you more than a canter who knows if it makes your expectations possible.

Choose a Right National Park or Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary

Which Jungle has a high density of Tigers?

This is the first and foremost question to be asked before booking a Tiger Safari in India. The more the numbers of the Tiger, the more you are entitled to spot a tiger. Parks like Sunderbans, Thekkady or Sariska have a low density of the Tigers, so if you choose to visit such Jungles, then there are more chances of getting your disappointed face back home.

So have good research on such National Parks where the number of Tigers is more.

Some of the best National Parks to Spot a Tiger are listed below:

  • Madhya Pradesh-Bandhavgarh National Park, situated in central India which could be accessible to all, could be the best Park to Spot a Tiger in India.
  • Rajasthan-Ranthambore National Park is a gateway to Delhi and North India. And top-rated National Park to Spot a Tiger.
  • Maharashtra-Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is easy to access for people living in Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat, Hyderabad and many Southern places of India.
  • Uttarakhand-Jim Corbett National Park is India’s one of the best Jungles to explore. It has the highest Density of Tigers, not only Tiger but also many unique creatures that can be sighted there.
  • Madhya Pradesh-Kanha National Park again located in the center of India, and the chances of spotting a Tiger are more.

Choose the Best Timing for Tiger Safari

Best Timing for Tiger Safari

There are generally two shifts for Tiger Safaris, morning and evening. If we see, both the Safaris are good to Spot a Tiger but more appropriate it would be to book a ride in Evening. During summers, in the afternoon when the climate is hot and humid, generally animals come near the water bodies and ponds. to soothe themselves. so it increases the chances of spotting a Tiger during you Tiger Safari in India.

In the morning hours, a tiger can be spotted as after the sun sets, animals go to their comforts and as the sun rises, the tiger makes a move to mark its territory.

A Skilled Guide

A Skilled Guide

Almost all the Jeep Drivers and special guides are very much experienced and they know every minute thing regarding the forest. And seriously, nothing can help to have a great wildlife experience of Tiger Safari if you guide is unskilled/inexperienced.

An experienced driver or a guide would make your ride more thrilling and worthwhile by telling you many aspects of the jungle, facts about Tigers, tell you the interesting history of the place, takes you to the Museum of the Jungle and many more amazing things. And proper guidance of a guide would help you in a proper understanding of the jungle’s rules.


Many of us might already know the above-mentioned detailed tips to Spot a Tiger, this article is for those who actually need to prepare themselves for a safe Tiger Safari ride in India. So don’t limit your interests and expectations, tighten your belts and just have fun with your group and get the best experience of your stunning Tiger Safari in India.



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