Dog Breeds to Consider for First Time Owners

Dog Breeds

Becoming a pet parent for the first time is an exciting experience! Every dog breed is unique. However, there are certain standard things you are supposed to keep in mind before getting a dog at home for the first time. There are some dog breeds that suit the first time owners better than the others. A prior research is required before deciding to bring home a family member that is going to be in your life for more than 10 years. The most important question that you need to ask yourself is, “Am I ready to become a responsible pet parent?”

There are certain dog breeds that a first time owner should never consider. To name a few of them: Siberian Husky, St. Bernard and Bulldog. All dog breeds vary greatly in personalities and needs. So, it’s better to select the breed that matches your lifestyle. While dogs are the most lovable companions, they also need constant care and attention. As a first time pet owner, you need to set a few preferences for personally selecting the dog type you want. This can include parameters such as the pet’s size, colour, behaviour and energy level.

Here are some dog breeds that are best suited for first time owners:

Golden Retrievers – They stand first in line and are best suited for people who are including a dog in their family for the first time. The qualities that make them the perfect family pets are their friendly and tolerant attitude. Their intelligence also makes them a great working dog. This breed of dog is fairly easy to train and they get along with the family members in no time. The pet parent doesn’t have to worry about their kids as Golden Retrievers are great with children. This breed is particularly fond of water which also makes it an ideal swimming companion. Coming to the health aspect, Golden Retrievers tend to shed a lot, especially during seasonal changes. It is important to consult professional groomers when it comes to dog grooming as they are the experts of this field.

Pugs – Charming, mischievous and loving. These are the terms that best describe a pug. Their relaxed attitude makes them a perfect choice for someone who is looking for a laid-back dog. Pugs also possess a range of human-like expressions such as surprise, happiness and curiosity. Be it a home with kids or old folks, pugs get along very well with everyone.They are rarely aggressive and so are best suited for families with children. Pugs are quite playful, intuitive and sensitive to the moods of their owners. So, if you are looking for a breed that gives you the exact amount of attention as you give to them, then pugs are a perfect companion.

Boxer – If you are searching for a medium-large companion who is high on energy, then Boxer is your correct choice. They are known to form a close bond with their owners and are best suited to families that have active lifestyles, as they need plenty of exercise. However, they have a stubborn nature and require strong training in the initial stages. They are the happiest when exposed to a lot of people and other crowded places in early puppy hood. Due to their protective nature, they are great at doing the job of a watchdog and family guardian. In addition, qualities such as intelligence, modesty and cleanliness make them a highly desirable family dog.

Pomeranian – It is one of the world’s most popular toy breeds and has been termed by many people as an ‘ideal companion’. Their tiny body, smiling foxy face, and vivacious personality make them a perfect choice for first time owners. They are easily trained and can master tricks and games quickly. They are  one of the most active breeds,  but are not meant for long walks. They are known to be quite attentive and are aware of everything going on around them. They are also keenly alert to approaching strangers. If you are looking for a breed that is delightfully alive and loves the company of other pets and children then Pomeranian counts for a suitable choice.

Poodle – Elegant, proud and clever. These are the terms that best describe a poodle. It is a well known and popular dog breed that has its sizes varying from miniature to a standard size. They respond very well to training and are highly adaptable. Poodles are great dogs for first time owners as they make excellent exercise and snuggle buddies. Special care is supposed to be taken for their continually growing coat. Beneath that curly and ever growing coat is an elegant athlete and companion which is ideal for all reasons and seasons.

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