Every Pet Owner should Know These Cleaning Tips

how to deep clean a house with pets

If the highs of meeting your new pet have faded with the onset of discovering fur all throughout your house, then you need to read on. Maintaining a clean and healthy home with your pet is actually much easier than you think if you’re armed with these must-know tips. Ready for some practical methods you can instantly apply to clear up your couch and remove those odors? Let’s get going.

Brush your furry friends more frequently

Ask any pet owner or professional home cleaning service and they’ll attest that cleaning pet hairs takes time. The amount of hair shed will of course depend on the breed of your pet but in all cases, prevention is better than a cure. Brushing your dog or cat twice a week can make a world of difference to how much effort you have to spend later in cleaning up hairs knotted into your furniture. The bonus is that most pets will love the feeling of being brushed anyway.

Befriend lint rollers

Lint rollers are the pen and paper of cleaning in a household with pets or girls with long hair. We’ve tried handheld vacuums and you really need to invest some decent dough to purchase one that has enough suction power. The alternative lint roller is so much more affordable and in cases, more effective. With a lint roller, you can pretty much pick up all the hair your pet sheds from any surface. Given their versatility, this extends to outside of your home too like in your car. Want to take this to the next level? Roll some duct tape around your used rollers that have lost their lustre (sticky side on the outside to pick up any residual hair.

You know who else are your friends? Electrostatic dust mops and rubber squeegee

Electrostatic dust mops are the perfect too if you have timber floors. They’re essentially a magnet for your pet’s hair. You can’t lint roller your entire wooden floor, so this is the efficient solution for your flooring. Wait, what about the squeegee, you ask. Super glad you asked because this trick is often overlooked. Ever try mopping a rug? Yes, it’s frustrating. Instead, grab a squeegee, kneel down and start raking in short-quick strokes. You’ll collect all the hair caught in your rug in no time!

Catch as much as you can at the door

Unless you’re an amazing trainer, your dog isn’t going to wipe its feet at the door before jumping onto your couch or bed. You’re going to have to create a cleaning passage before he/she scurries across your floors leaving paw prints all over. We’ve found that the most cost-effective solution is to keep a container of water and towel by the door for a quick wipe on entry. This will save you a ton of time playing ‘find the mess’.

Baking soda is not just used for creating drugs

It’s also an amplifier for cleaning your pet’s bed. Why? According to professional house cleaners; Cleaning Ease, it’s because a cup of baking soda will drastically reduce odors, is safe for your furry friend in small washing doses and is a mild anti-bacterial agent.

Clean that litter box more often

What’s that smell? Probably your kitty’s litter. Think you already empty it enough? Think again. Your little feline produces some intense droplets. If you’re like most pet owners, you clean that litter every two days. The actual amount you should be cleaning is twice a day. And we hope you’re replacing that litter box with a new one every year! If not, that may be why visitors notice a strange smell.

Cover up

This one is mostly applicable to your couch. If you enjoy relaxing on your sofa with your furry friend nestled beside you or if they’ve claimed a spot of their own, then you’ll want to consider covering a designated spot with a towel or cover. This will make washing easier and prevent smells from seeping into fabric and scratches appearing on leather.

What’s your pet eating out of?

A bowl that you can’t remember when you last cleaned? That’s nice of you. Would you eat from a bowl that you used last week for spaghetti and haven’t yet washed? Apply the same rule for your four-legged friends and wash them daily to prevent bacteria growth and health issues.

We’ll leave you with a bonus reminder, Please, please, please open those windows when you can. You can layer on all those cleaning solutions throughout your household or you can simply air your home more and let some natural light beam through. Apply these tips and you’ll spend less time feeling frustrated and more time playing around with your pet.



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