5 of the Best Bars in Dublin, Ireland You Should Try Right Now!

Best Bars

While loving coffee is never a crime, let’s all accept the fact that not everyone is a coffee person. Some people are more into drinking the night away – maybe as part of a celebration, pastime, or even a simple treat to themselves.

And when you talk about drinks, pubs, bars, and boozer’s nightlife, there’s one place that can be perfectly related to it – and shouldn’t be neglected. It’s none other than the biggest and capital city of Ireland, Dublin.

So, come take a look at this list and check out the finest bars for your taste!

What makes Dublin bars and pubs worth visiting?

Dublin is more than just a place for accommodation or a hotel stay. The world has more to see beyond the luxurious hotel accommodation, wondrous tourist spots, and friendly locals or Dubliners.

Not to mention the selections of a restaurant in Cork City where you can either invite your friends for some coffee or tea. Dublin has more to offer aside from its variations of a restaurant in Cork city.

Outside the four corners of your hotel room lies the secret to keep you going while you’re in the midst of your Dublin travel. The different selections of bars, pubs, and cafe bars in Dublin are perfect for the nightlife chasers out there.

And if you’re one with them, you shouldn’t miss out at least one or two of these finest bars in Dublin which you can see on the list. But keep in mind that this marvellous city can surprise you any time on the street with its countless bars, pubs, and cafe bars which you may want to try!

1. The Long Hall

Established and licensed to operate since 1766, The Long Hall is known to be the unceasing favourite of either Dubliners or regular tourists. Though so much has changed in The Long Hall since it was renovated back in the year 1881, it’s popularity remains the same.

This classic pub is perfect if you want to experience an exceptional pint of Guinness or a place of people-watching and a massive dose of eavesdropping!


51 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday noon-11: 30 pm; Friday to Saturday noon-12: 30 am; Sunday 12:30-11 pm

2. The Lucky Duck

This three-storey cocktail bar, The Lucky Duck, is listed as one of the newer bars in the city of Dublin. It’s located in the “resurrected” old building at 43 Aungier St.

You can find a place to stay at the ground level if you feel you more likely need a pint. As you go upstairs, you can have a more luxurious choice of the shaken-up cocktails which tastes a lot better and can satisfy your nightlife and cocktail cravings as you never expected!

Before you go for a visit to the bar,  just know that parmesan fries deserve your attention regardless of what floor you’re into, okay?


43 Aungier St, Dublin 2

Opening hours: 

Every day from noontime; Upstairs: Every day from 5 pm

3. Grogan’s

Started serving all their bests dated back in 1899, the Grogan’s is still one of the most popular and ever-favourite pubs in the city of Dublin. This pub is also known for being the meeting place of a good set of old and new friends to have some late-night catch-up drink.

As a heads up for you, just know that this pub has a cash-only policy. It’s also a recommended place for people-watching and tasting Guinness!


15 South William St, Dublin 2

Opening hours: 

Monday to Thursday 10:30am-11:30pm; Friday to Saturday 10:30am-12:30am; Sunday 12:30-11pm

4. 9 Below

There’s a new find located in St. Stephen’s Green, a basement bar that’s perfect to feed your luxurious drinks and vibe satisfaction.

You wouldn’t believe their excellent list of wines, cocktails that will effortlessly catch your attention, and offer a long menu of whiskey that’s well-deserved of your gratification.

While the price is for a one-drink stop, there’s no need to feel sad since there are neighbouring pubs you can visit too.


9 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Thursday 5-11: 30 pm; Friday to Saturday 5 pm-12: 30 am

5. The Bar With No Name

You might wonder why it’s listed “The Bar With No Name” or you might think that’s the name of the bar – which is totally weird, right? Well, the truth is, this bar has literally no name since it has no sign outside or in front of its site.

And since it has no official name it’s mostly referred to as 3 Fade Street, No Name Bar, Secret Bar, and Snail Bar. If ever you’ll have a hard time looking for this mysterious bar, just search for the large wooden snail, that’s the bar’s entrance.


3 Fade St, Dublin 2

Opening hours: 

Monday to Wednesday 12:30-11:30pm; Thursday 12:30pm-1am; Friday to Saturday 12:30pm-2am; Sunda 12-11pm



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