Oral Health Tips from a Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh

Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh

As you get older your teeth go through a large amount of punishment from your diet, activities and through general wear and tear. This damage can begin to manifest itself in things like cracks, chips, yellowing and loose teeth.

This can become more noticeable with age if there’s also a poor oral health routine in the mix as well. To limit the damage and strengthen those pearlies to make them stand the test of time here’s some advice from a dental hygienist in Edinburgh, on how you can improve your daily oral routine.

Introduce flossing

To start things off it’s recommended by dentists that you floss at least once a day. This is because throughout the day little pieces of food and plaque can start to collect in between your teeth, in places that a brush won’t be able to shift them from.

Running a strip of dental floss between your teeth once a day can clear this out and lower your chances of future problems such as tooth decay, inflammation and gingivitis. To maximise your cleaning potential you could also try to floss after every snack to keep those gaps between your teeth clear of debris.

Brush often and thoroughly

As with flossing, brush at least once or twice a day to clear out any plaque and bacteria that could be eating away at the protective enamel of your teeth; it’s a great place to start when making those first changes to your oral care routine.

When brushing you should also take time with each section of your mouth, as just quickly scrubbing over will cause you to miss plaque that might be dug in deep. So take care and give each tooth a thorough clean. Also, when brushing try to avoid pressing the brush too hard against your teeth and gums, as over time this can lead to erosion of the tooth surface and gum line.

Rinse regularly

Another tip to keep those teeth looking stronger for longer is to regularly rinse them with mouthwash. Doing this often will clear out any leftover plaque and food particles from brushing, as well as leave a lasting protection that gives you nice fresh breath.

Generally it’s recommended that you do this once every other day as excessive rinsing can also damage your teeth over time.

Schedule regular appointments with your dentist

Schedule regular appointments with your dentist

Finally, to make sure that your teeth last it’s vitally important that you schedule regular check-ups with your dentist. Going to your preferred practice often means that they can keep on top of any potential oral health problems, as well as provide advice on how you can improve your particular routine.

Another reason to visit your dentist often is that they can provide a professional deep clean that you wouldn’t be able to manage at home. For example, things like tartar are only able to be removed by dentists with a specific set of tools.

So if you are looking to up your oral health game, then consider a few of these options to improve your chances of keeping those pearly whites looking stronger for longer.



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