Considering Dental Tourism? There are some Things you should Know

People across the United Kingdom are seriously considering dental tourism because treatments in their country run into thousands of pounds. However, there are considerations you should be aware of before you book your flights and accommodation.

Your mouth is a small space in which to operate, which requires a high degree of skill, endurance and ability. The world of dental tourism can be difficult to navigate, so the vetting process in finding the right Budapest dental practice must be scrupulous, thus minimising the risk of botched dental work that costs you more to fix.

How do I find superior dentistry abroad?

There are no shortage of options at your disposal. A quick Google search will bring up countless options that offer ‘the best treatments for less’. But how do you differentiate between treatments that are affordable but high-quality, and treatments that are just cheap?

By opting for dental treatments abroad, you are putting yourself into a vulnerable position by doing it alone. In today’s world, many people are looking into dental packages supplied by agencies that book and arrange your trip on your behalf, which include everything from liaising with your dentist to arranging your aftercare.

The point of dental packages is to customise your search, finding prospective dentists who do not just provide superior quality care, but actually save you money.

Which countries are known for their quality dentistry? 

The top five countries patients go to for treatments include Mexico, Costa Rica, Hungary, Thailand and Colombia.

As mentioned before, while research is necessary to rule out substandard care, people can find reputable, English-speaking clinics in any of these countries. You relax and recover in whichever destination you choose – whether it’s by the sea in Costa Rica or the vibrant capital city, Budapest, in Hungary.

Aside from the buzzing city life, Budapest dental practices also offer the serenity of the countryside where patients can rest in peace.

Budapest dental practices

How do I start the process if I’m arranging the trip myself?

As mentioned throughout this article, research and the vetting process are essential, but you should also visit your local dentist for a consultation. You will also need to supply your prospective overseas dentist with diagnostic X-rays, so they can evaluate the extent of your issue before you step foot into their clinic.

These days, for example, there are several Hungarian dentists in Ireland who have partnerships with Budapest dentists who liaise with each other, circulate vital patient information and overall, provide you with the dental care you need at the right price with fewer risks. At the same time, it is important to arrange post-op care, especially in the event of complications – you do not want to be left in the lurch when experiencing intolerable pain or discomfort.

What procedures are the most popular?

From simple fillings to significant procedures, people can get any treatment administered abroad.

However, the most popular procedures to have abroad are obviously significant procedures that would otherwise be expensive. The top three include dental implants, endodontic procedures like root canal surgeries, and cosmetic treatments, including orthodontics.

Dental tourism is on the rise and could be the solution to your dental issues. From replacing missing teeth to tooth-saving surgeries, you can look forward to a new smile afterwards and a dream vacation to boot.



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