Are you Looking for an Alternative to Removable Dentures?

Removable Dentures

It is extremely common for teeth to fall out as you age. Some people may not have taken care of their teeth throughout their life and they fall out due to tooth decay or gum disease, whilst others may have tried to take proper care of their teeth, but they have just become weak over time. When you have no teeth at all it can leave you feeling extremely self-conscious, and it can impact your social life and overall health too.

The popular option for a majority of people that want to replace a full set of teeth are removable dentures. They are functional and reliable, replacing your teeth so you can smile with confidence. However, getting dental implants in St John’s Wood can replace your teeth on a long-term basis, lasting up to twenty years when you take care of them. They offer you a completely natural looking and feeling option when it comes to artificial teeth, and because they are fixed to your jawbone you do not need to worry about your false teeth becoming loose or falling out.

How do they work?

Depending on which treatment your dental practitioner recommends, you will require between four and twelve titanium screws to be inserted into your jawbone to enable an implant-supported full denture to be fitted successfully. In rare cases there is not enough bone for the screw to be inserted, so a different treatment will be needed. This is where an appliance is placed under your gum, but has posts projecting upwards on which the tooth implants can be supported.

All-on-four treatment is available, which is where you have your dentures fitted to only four tooth implants, but there are several other methods when it comes to having a full denture fitted. Your dental practitioner will be able to discuss your options with you at a consultation appointment and help you to choose the treatment that is most suitable for your circumstances.

Once you have your dentures it is important that you take care of them, so they last for as long as possible. Your dentist will be able to recommend different types of brushes and products that will assist you in keeping your artificial teeth clean and free from plaque build-up. It is recommended that you see your dentist for regular check-ups as well, so they are able to check the condition of your mouth and inform you if there are any issues that you are not aware of.

The benefits

dental implants

There are more than a few benefits to having dental implants in St John’s Wood. Not only are they completely natural looking, they feel and behave exactly like your original teeth did too. You can bite and chew any type of food with confidence as you know your dentures are not going to come loose or fall out, as they are attached to screws and incredibly secure. The fact that they can last up to twenty years when taken care of can also make them feel like a more permanent replacement option.

One of the main benefits you will find is that your new artificial teeth give you a nice even smile once again, and they allow you to express yourself with confidence. The treatment can make you both look and feel years younger too.



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