A Man’s Guide to Buying a Leather Jacket

mens leather jacket

Winter has come, and there is no denying that leather jackets never run out of vogue. And the best part about them is that an authentic mens jacket lasts forever. So, buying one is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of research as you make an investment that will last longer than other garments. We are here to help you with a guide, which will assist you in choosing the right leather jacket for the winter. Let’s begin.

What Are The Common Leather Jacket Styles?

When you start your leather jacket hunting spree, you will mostly come across the five basic types mentioned below. However, if you wish, you can design your style for that edge.

  1. Double Rider Jacket
  2. The Racer Jacket
  3. The A2 Flight Jacket
  4. The MA1 Bomber Jacket
  5. The Fencing Jacket

What Are The Things To Consider While Picking The Right Leather Jacket?

We have listed a few things below, considering which will help you select an authentic mens jacket suitable for your needs. So let us take a look at them without further ado.

  • Leather

You might be wondering how two similar jackets can have such a massive difference in their prices. Well, it is due to the quality of the leather. In most cases, the material used to make such low-priced garments is faux leather, with added layers of colour and treatments. You can differentiate between them by the plastic feel and extra smooth texture these synthetic ones bring forth.

  • Topstitching

Leather jackets are also the most sought after because of their intensive detailing. Topstitching is one such detail that sells the most, which you can find on the seam edges and pockets. All of the extras make the garment more visually appealing. The cost is adjusted according to the type and quality of the thread used in topstitching. In some cases, these are omitted entirely.

  • Linings

These garments have linings in the body as well as the sleeves. In an authentic mens jacket, you will find the materials used for it are high-grade such as cotton, synthetic, which can also be quilted and insulated at times. However, for lower-priced ones, poor quality synthetic is used, which comes off easily and fast.

  • Sleeves/Armholes

If you are looking for a good quality mens jacket, then it will help to look for armholes that are set higher. It will give you the perfect fit and offer a better movement of the arms. However, the low-priced varieties will have armholes that are set lower. Doing so helps accommodate more sizes, increasing sales.

  • Zippers

While buying a leather mens jacket, it will be best if you checked the zippers as well. Going for heavier and bigger ones will be a better choice because these will last longer and often be smoother to glide up and down.


Following this guide will help you purchase a good leather jacket, wearing which you can slay any event with your looks. You can choose from the various types according to your preferences.



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