A Fully Functional Smile Once More

dental implants

For those people who have lost one, some or even all of their teeth, the result of this can be devastating and the impacts can be far reaching. Not only can it have a huge effect on a person’s emotional wellbeing and their confidence, but there are likely to be physical implications for the individual, especially if nothing is done about the missing teeth for some time.

There are a few replacement options available for people in this situation and often a dentist will recommend the most convenient and effective solution to their patient. Unfortunately, cost is a factor and the most effective generally is the most expensive. Looking at a long-term investment however, dental implants Maidstone are preferable in many circumstances because they are guaranteed for several decades, unlike other solutions that can not only slip and slide around in the mouth and become uncomfortable over time, but can have a negative effect on the mouth. This is in part because these other solutions are allowing for natural bone degradation to occur in the mouth, as if there was no replacement tooth there at all.

Why are there other options if they have negative impacts?

The implant solution is not for everyone and those people who have underlying health conditions or have degenerative bone disease or are undergoing cancer treatments, will find that they are unable to undergo the surgical procedure required for this treatment to take place.

As more dentists are able to offer affordable financing solutions and support their patients financially, so that they can make these long-term investments in their oral health and general wellbeing as well, this option has become more favourable. At this point in time, most insurance companies do not consider the implant procedure to be covered, so it is an expense that needs to be factored in for most people.

How does it work?


The first part of the procedure involves a scan to ensure that a patient is viable for this treatment. Some people, who have worn dentures for a long time and wish to stabilise them because they are frequently falling out, are experiencing this because they have lost a significant amount of bone density in their jaw.

For these people a bone graft will need to be done before the continuation of this procedure and this is a relatively simple surgical experience, although understandably a little daunting. A dentist will walk their patient through every step of the process to ensure they are as relaxed and confident about the journey as possible.

The implant is a titanium metal rod and is placed directly into the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth or in the best possible location for comfort, depending on the kind of treatment. Titanium is used because it bonds with bone and is the secret behind the longevity and effectiveness of this treatment.

A crown, bridge or a denture is secured to this titanium rod and after several weeks, the site is healed and the patient can again enjoy full functionality of their smile with a new, replacement tooth that looks, feels and acts just like their original, natural one did.



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