Which Traditional Musical Instruments are Famous in Ireland?

Traditional Musical Instruments

Ireland has been a major music industry for the world helping shape world music with its historical instruments and musicians. Irish Music is quite different than many other parts of the world with strong influences from those Celtic artists and music in it. While instruments like different versions of Guitar and the evergreen Piano might be famous in other parts of the world. Ireland has had its own share of music instruments that might look and sound quite a bit different altogether.

The dance prone tunes played at pubs and social gatherings in Ireland are full of rhythm mixed in with that occasional beat of drums. Throughout its music history and even in the modern day, Irish wedding bands or music artists have shaped their way of music with a set of customary instruments.

Here are few most famous music instruments in Ireland

Brilliant and Rhythmic Fiddle

If there has been one single instrument that has helped shape Irish music history, it has been the brilliant Fiddle. In a class of its own, this stringed instrument is quite a bit smaller than some other stringed family of instruments. It is necessarily played with a bow

Essentially, the Fiddle might be a synonym of the Violin, depending on different parts of the world, these two have been named separately. Playing principal and the rhythmic tunes from this brilliant instrument remains the same whether you play it as a Fiddle or as a Violin. Having most of its body made from real wood with an adjustable set of strings, the Fiddle makes its player look to be in a dancing trance while amusing everyone else with its rhythmic tunes.

Traditional Whistles and Flutes

The Irish Flute along with tin whistles has buzzed its way throughout Irish music history. The Irish version of the Flute is rather simple with a long wooden body that has a few holes in it with an opening at the mouth. Whistles and Flutes are both windblown instruments with the player blowing into them letting the air out at different frequencies creating unique sounds with each hole and frequency.

Different versions of the Irish Flute have been played with slightly different types of woods making their body. Type of wood also effects the sound output while this pretty simple Flute is easy to learn and master over time.

Elegant and Amazing Uilleann Pipes

Although the much famous Uilleann Pipes have sometimes been termed or closely related to the flutes and whistles, they are quite different in their appearance and even sounds. Having a large bore or windbag attached to several pipes, these truly look and feel Irish. Every music enthusiast must have seen an Irish musician lifting up these great Uilleann Pipes close to their ribs and blowing into them for best sounds.

These are truly in a class of their own with no other instrument resembling these in appearance. The continued low pitch tunes you are able to derive from these are unmatched by other instruments as well. Put that high Irish man skirt on with green and red checkered designs and get your self Uilleann Pipes to look Irish for your audience.

Full of Bass Drums and Percussion Instruments

There have been other stringed instruments in the Irish music history that also to this day are pretty famous. These include the traditional Irish Harp and also Irish Banjo. However, some of the true percussion sensations that have echoed their way into Irish music industry have been drums. Bodhrans to be more precise in the drum class.
These relatively small and light drums (Bodhrans) have seen different versions in different parts of the world as well. Their native to Irish history versions are quite light and also can have an optional holding or tuning set of wooden pieces at the back. Held in one hand and played with the other with a beater or bare hand, these produce great full of bass sounds. There have been concerts based only on Irish Bodhrans for a reason.

Irish Bouzouki

Making its way right down from the Greek music history and adopted by Celtics and Irish musicians, the Irish Bouzouki has seen a fair amount of success in Irish music. Having quite a bit of heft and weight to it, this wooden piece looks as elegant as it sounds. The player sits down having it in front plucking its strings with fingers.
When you discuss elegant and pure smooth sounding stringed instruments, the Bouzouki is always at the top spots in most lists. For a great quality Irish Bouzouki, you will have to lash out quite a bit of cash actually. Early stage learning one is available at affordable prices. Adjust the tuning knobs at its hand and pleasure yourself or your audiences to its elegance.



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