Top 5 Popular Varieties of Scarves


Scarves are a savior, especially in winters. But due to the high demand, scarves manufacturers use a few different varieties of materials to come up with the most visually creative scarves you have ever seen! In this guide, we will discuss the 5 different varieties that scarves are made of.

Did you know that the most popular winter wear isn’t the pretty blazers or jackets or gloves, but it’s actually a scarf? It’s true! Both men and women adorn scarves during the entirety of late fall till the end of winter season because it makes an absolute style statement while serving its primary purpose.

Scarves manufacturer have taken a note of this boiling trend and come up with several varieties of scarves. We will discuss the top 5 popular varieties in this post.

  1. Wool

Wool is the most popular scarf fabric that comes from the fleece of sheep.

It’s durable, water-resistant (particularly great for those that live in snow-stricken areas), and quite warm.

In spite of its positives, it has certain negatives. The number one disadvantage is that woolen scarves are uncomfortable to the skin.

The 100% wool made scarves aren’t soft. Therefore, most scarves manufacturer combine wool with other man-made fibers such as cotton and polyester.

  1. Cashmere

Originating from the disputed region of Kashmir in India & Pakistan also from the fleece of a goat, the Cashmere wool is soft, warm, and equally durable as a wool. Due to its origins, it is often found to be expensive than any regular wool. Cashmere wool is also used to make shawls, stoles, and other winter wear accessories.

  1. Silk

Silk is associated with luxury and maximum comfort, but not warmth or protection from the cold breeze. Therefore, lovers of silk scarves must keep in mind that silk isn’t a supplement for winter clothing. It is only a wardrobe accessory where style is of the essence. Luckily, for both men an women silk scarves manufacturer ensure that there is a distinction in design that appeals to a broad category of fashion lovers.

  1. Cotton

Who doesn’t know the popular fabric cotton? It is lightweight and can be worn in all climatic conditions. Although cotton for scarves isn’t quite known it is used with wool to offer comfort. Like silk, cotton cannot offer warmth but it feels good against the skin like most clothes that we wear on a daily basis. Typically, cotton scarves are suitable for warmer regions. In this way, someone who wants to add a unique style to their everyday dressing sense can do so without worrying about sweating hard. Another plus of choosing cotton scarves is its versatility in colors. No matter what type of clothes you own in your wardrobe, the cotton scarves come in patterns, textures, and vibrant colors to match them all.

  1. Pashmina

The best-known varieties of wholesale Pashminas come from Central & South Asia. Pashmina is highly used to stitch scarves, shawls, ponchos, etc. It’s also nick-named “soft gold” and hence, it tends to be pricey. Though color, texture, and patterns, are diverse and appeals to everyone, Pashminas are high-quality material that is usually given as a gift to your dearest and loving. For women, pashmina comes in several colors and custom designs. It can be worn with casuals to work wears and party wears.



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