Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Knife Lovers

Holiday Gifts for Knife Lovers

Are you ready to shop for all of those friends and family members on your list yet?  With the main holiday season less than a month away, it’s always great to get started on your gift buying early. Have you thought about what to get that hunter, fisherman, outdoors or army man in your life? How about a brand new knife? Here are the top 10 holiday gifts for knife lovers that will help you get a jump on your gifts and still get something you know they will love:

  1. Swiss Army Knives

Every hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman or woman and just those that need one for general use love Swiss Army knives. They are small, easy to carry and offer a small blade for any job. These are top holiday gifts on many outdoorsmen and women’s lists as they offer extra items that can help you out in so many situations. With added items such as tweezers, scissors, saws and more, it’s easy to see why these are so popular. You’ll also be able to choose from a wide variety of colors – red, black, yellow, purple, blue, white, just to name a few.

  1. Tactical Knives

The tactical or combat knife is a knife that has one or more combat features and designed for stringent circumstances. Actually, the tactical knife is a gear that meets army requirement or to work in any extreme situations or to perform a particular task.

The red color in our flag stands for bravery and courage. While we salute our flag, let us learn by heart the men and women in the combat, military, police, special units and armed forces – who are fighting for our nation and us. If you have a relative who is an active or retired army person, policeman or special unit’s officer, a tactical pocket knife or fixed blade knife would be specious gift for him.

  1. Collectible Knives

These are not really for use, but more for display. There are millions of knife lovers all over the world that enjoy collecting and displaying different types of knives, such as movie swords, fantasy daggers, oriental swords and knives, sword canes, and military swords.

There are some great knife makers out there that always put out limited edition knives each year. There are only a certain number of these made, and they normally come numbered with a special certificate to prove that they are what they say. These make wonderful gifts for knife collectors and family and friends alike those love knives. Though, if you are thinking to buy a collectible knife you may have to pay a higher price so think twice about it but still, it’s the best gift for any knife collector.

  1. Travel Sets

For anyone who spends time outdoors in any capacity, travel sets are a dream come true. From picnic sets to professional fishing sets, there is something for everyone here. You can easily find a wonderfully unique gift set that will provide something they will love and use.

  1. Personal Protection Knives

These are great gifts for women especially, since most personal protections knives are smaller, or even concealed by something as practical as a lipstick tube. There are some wonderful personal protection knives out there that can easily provide you with a unique gift idea for anyone on your list. If you looking a pocket knife choose less than 7 inches knife in overall and not more than 3 ounces.

  1. Hunting Knives

For the hunter in your life, there are several wonderful hunting knives out on the market that would make an ideal gift.  Also, you will find some great game cleaning kits and much more to help them out in the woods. It doesn’t matter what they love to hunt, a hunter will always have a use for a good hunting knife. I will recommend to buy Buck Hunting knives those are classic, good looking and worthy to anyone.

  1. First Aid Kits

While they might not be a “holiday themed” gift, these First Aid kits still make great gifts for anyone. From small kits to large, you can easily find some for anyone on your gift list. Want a field trauma kit or how about a simple pocket survival kit, they aren’t hard to find and they are great practical gifts that any outdoors man or woman will love.

  1. Display Cases

Every collector needs a good display case for their favorite knives. From metal to wood to Plexiglas, there are hundreds of different styles and sizes of display cases for you to choose from. These also make a great gift to go along with any collectible or limited edition knife that you give as well.

  1. Super Small Knives

While they might look extremely small and harmless, these are a wonderful gift for anyone. These are knives or kits that come in an extremely small package and fold up to fit easily in a wallet or purse. They are normally the size of a credit card, which makes it very easy for them to be carried around without showing off that you have a knife in your pocket – making them wonderful for personal protection, emergency situations, and everyday needs.

  1. Kitchen Knife Sets

What cook doesn’t love a great set of kitchen knives? These are a wonderful gift set for any cook on your list. You can spend under $40 and still get a great set that your loved one with cherishes, and still use every day.  Best of all, they’ll think of you each time they use them!

And there you have it, the top 10-holiday gift ideas for knife lovers. Don’t waste your time searching the shops and trying to find something unique, while hoping that no one else gets them the same thing. Know that you’re getting them exactly what they want and something that they will actually use. Top off your great knife gift with a personal engraving as well to make their gift even more special.

For more ideas, make sure and see this blog for specific family members, friends, and co-workers.



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