Create a Company Logo in 6 Steps

Company Logo

Creating and creating a logo is one of the nicer things that come with starting a business. It is best to have your company logo design by a professional designer. Of course, these desks exist for nothing. But those who do not (yet) have a huge budget can also get started with a design.

  1. Think of a suitable logo


Whether you start as a florist, project manager or contractor: for every type of company you can think of a suitable company logo. With a suitable design, you draw attention to your company at a glance. It is, of course, important that the design fits your industry and the target group you want to focus on.

So pick up pen and paper (or your phone) and describe in a few keywords the core of your startup, product or service.

You may immediately have a certain image in your head. Nevertheless, it can never hurt to do some comparative research online on existing logos of your competing colleagues. Then you immediately see if the design you have in mind does not look too much like that of a competitor.

Which logos do others use in your field? Enter your profession in Google Images and add the word ‘logo’ or ‘company logo’.

Do you want to orient yourself a bit further? Then enter your profession in Google Images and add the word ‘logo’ or ‘company logo’, for example ‘physiotherapist logo’. This gives you a good idea of what is common in your field.

  1. Use the right tools

design beautiful logo

Do you have a concrete logo in mind? Then first make a clear sketch on paper. Only after that get started to create a similar design with an image editing program on the computer.

Adobe Illustrator is very popular among professional designers; this program has endless possibilities to be able to design beautiful logos.

Yet there are also various free alternatives online, with which you can come a long way. For example, Pixlr or iPiccy.

Ready-made programs to further fill in existing designs themselves are also there, but of course, you can not make a truly unique logo with them.

Tip! Set up multiple professional designers for you by writing an online ‘ design competition ‘.

Do you find out that you are not really a hero in this area? Then writing a ‘design competition’ among professional designer is a good alternative.

  1. Use the correct font


Not only the image or illustration is important: the font of the company name also plays a key role in the effectiveness of your logo. Consider in advance which font best expresses the feeling of your company.

This can vary per occupational group and sector. For the founder of a day nursery, it is almost obvious to choose a playful appearance, while a fun atmosphere at a funeral company is totally wrong again.

These are obviously two extreme examples, but it is really important that you do not miss the shelf with this. Keep in mind that different elements from the design can be decisive in the general corporate identity for your company.

The complete logo or just the font and text color from the design you basically later also use in brochures, company minutes and on business cards and your responsive website design.

  1. Dare to be creative


As long as the final result is just like a bus, it can not hurt to dab a bit outside the lines during the design. In fact, by dropping here and there some stitches, you often come up with even more beautiful ideas or variations.

Think for example of selecting a different color, accidentally changing the shape or tilting of letters or illustrations.

Just remember to save the file regularly, so that you can always go back to an earlier version of the design.

  1. Do not lose sight of the target group

How tempting it is: when creating a logo, do not think of yourself but of the target group. Never lose sight of whom you make the logo for.

After all, the goal is to attract more potential clients or clients. You can still find a particular design so beautiful, but if customers do not immediately understand the approach, there is a chance that you will miss out on many projects.

Always keep the customer in mind when designing. Does the logo immediately make clear what your company or product stands for?

When designing a logo, always keep in mind: what does the customer have for my company (which solutions can you offer to future customers)? And: why should he choose for you (and not for the competitor)?

  1. Do not settle for less

Ready? Then put the logo away, go for a run or eat out with a friend and check out the design again the next morning.

Does everything look really tight? Or is it secretly clear that the design was not made by an experienced designer? It is up to you and your environment to determine whether the design conveys sufficient professionalism.

If not? Then you would be wise to still use a professional agency. This is usually a good investment, although the prices can vary considerably.

To reduce costs somewhat, take your own design to the appointment and ask the professional designer to further develop your concept.

The end result comes close to what you first had in mind, but probably looks much tighter.

The relatively advantageous crowd sourcing is another good option, where you can judge the proposals of dozens (or more) designers and then choose your favorite logo yourself.



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