Top 10 Delicious Foods you can enjoy in Beach Picnic

beach food ideas for party

As you know breakfast, lunch and dinner is an important meal of the day to keep your body healthy and fresh. After a long hectic month, moving to a new place is always exciting and thrilling. After a long while, you finally go for a picnic to get relief from all the stress and enjoy yourself with nature. There is nothing better than grabbing some friends in the car and enjoying the beach of the day.

Packing food for picnic is very difficult. When you are spending a day on the beach, you want food that’s light, refreshing, and extremely easy to eat. Like fresh fruits, Baguette, deli rolls, Point sandwich, salad, chicken slaw, Caesar salad, wrap and rolls, vegetables, one-handed sandwiches.

If you want to make things easy then you can hire a good lunch catering company in Melbourne. They serve a healthy and fresh meal within easily affordable packages. A good catering company in Melbourne will serve various delicious food items which perfectly suits for your picnic.

Let’s decide your menu with some healthy and amazing meal ideas which will surely make your picnic best and enjoyable.

Have a Look!

Sweet Tray

No matter what time of day no one can resist the sweet tray. It is an ideal section for lunch, breakfast, afternoon tea and during the evening. It is the tray full of delicious goodies like fresh baking sweet muffins, Blueberry, raspberry white chocolate, almond, cherry, pecan, Apricot, walnut brownie, caramel sublime, Turkish delight and jam crumble. All these things are easy to carry for your picnic and each gives you a sweet treat and tantalizes taste buds.


Everyone loves a sandwich. It is one of the best recipes that are easily ready within 10 minutes. It is a section that corporate in lunchtime and evening times. This is a very healthy meal for your body. Making with the three different types of bread is a wholemeal, white and multigrain filled with delicious chicken mixes, pastrami, roast beef, tuna, salmon, monies and groundnut vegetable.

Wraps and Roll

If you are looking for a healthy and filling lunch that offers as the option of a sandwich are wraps and rolls. Wraps and rolls are long skinny sandwich is easy to eat and cook. You will get vegetables, meat and fish wrap with salad. Baguette with ham, cold cut heroes, veggies and burrito wraps.

Rolls are divinely soft and fluffy with a light interior is just enough to chew. The rolls come in white, rye and grain each with their flavors. Roll is a section of different fillings use of fresh ingredients that means colorful salad, prime meal cuts, fish, flown, cheese, vegan-friendly seeds

Finger Lick Food

Fried chicken is classic beach picnic fare for good reason. It is easy to eat with one hand. It contains Premium Park, fresh pawns, crispy vegetables, mint, and coriander. Each cooked inside and individually wrapped in rice paper.

Tutti Fruity and salad

Cut fruit or salad is a picnic stand by. The best part of tutti fruity and salad it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. You can easily chop the fruits and vegetables. Just toss all the ingredients together with a squeeze of lemon juice and some olive oil. This will have plenty of protein, carbohydrates which are very healthy for the body.

This hearty quinoa salad will fill you up. The sweet corn kernels rich black beans and zingy cilantro come together to make a delicious salad.

Grilled veggie kabobs

The Grilled vegetable kabobs make the best skewers snack on the beach. The vegetable won’t go bad in the heat. They can be eaten straight off by the stick. To eating these kabobs there is no need fora knife and fork.

Cherry Tomato and summer fruit hand pies

Self-making hand pies are perfect for a picnic. They are very delicious and tasty. There is no risk of spillage, no need for complicated equipment for serving and they are always popular. You will fill these pastries with your favorite summer fruit for the best seasonal picnic desert.

Cookies without milk

For picnic Homemade or store-bought cookies, both work nice options. You could consider steering clear of chocolate cookies. So, that you don’t have to worry about it melting, but the best part is it doesn’t melt the chocolate of eating cookies at the beach.

Zucchini Chips

A crunchy, salty chip is a best choice for a picnic. It takes out boxes as well as plastic wrap. They are easy to make and healthy. Keep your kids energized by feeding them these zucchini chips and the grownups will be more to finish them off. They are loved by both kids and adults.

Dough Energy Bites

Keep yourself energized on your hike or picnic with these healthy and delicious Dough energy bites cookies. These raw and plant-based snacks are perfect for eating.

Prepare yourself for every kind of picnic this summer with all these best outdoor meals.



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