10 Mesmerizing Ideas about Healthy Sandwich for Lunch

There is nothing more satisfying than eating a sandwich. Sandwich garners love and affection all over the world and enjoys an undisputed high-ranked reputation. Apart from enjoying an excellent reputation, it’s an effortless dish to prepare.

You don’t need to carry the fork or cutlery while gobbling up this delicious dish. You can consume these dishes without any guilt or regrets. Whether you visit a bakery or a fancy restaurant, a sandwich follows every menu card. It never goes missing.

Sandwich catering is an excellent idea for some personal meetings or professional conferences. They are an optimal food choice at all times. There are countless ways in which a sandwich is prepared for foodies. Out of these innumerable ways of making a sandwich, we have grabbed some trendy healthy sandwich ideas. Have a glance over these suggestions.

  1. Boiled egg sandwich

boiled egg sandwich

A boiled egg sandwich is the most welcoming idea in catering lunches. Especially when you have to cater to many individuals, there is no need to worry as boiled sandwiches can be prepared in a jiffy to serve a large number of guests. Not only is this an easy dish to make, but it also is a very healthy lunch option.

This nutritious sandwich is made with multi-grain bread slices packed with 2 boiled and peeled eggs, with finely chopped mayonnaise, black pepper powder, chopped onion, a dash of red chili sauce, and some fresh coriander leaves. If you are fond of cheese, then don’t forget to add some cheese to it, and your mouth-watering dish is ready to be devoured.

  1. Cucumber cheese sandwich

Cucumber cheese sandwich

This sandwich option is also the healthiest option for lunch. The mere idea of cucumber brings a refreshing wave to your mind. Isn’t it? This dish is a perfect amalgamation of taste and nutrition. Whether you are organizing a kid party or some official lunch party, this dish is best for all occasions.

Do you wonder how to prepare it? It’s very simple. Just take a multi-grain bread slice, spread some cream cheese over it and keep the cool green cucumber over it and cover the filling with another bed slice on the top. Add some pepper and salt to enhance the taste or flavors. Season it with lemon juice, and the healthy sandwich is ready for your day.

  1.  Tofu, lettuce, and tomato sandwich

tomato sandwich

The sandwich, including tofu, lettuce, and sandwich, is the best nutritional and healthy sandwich. What other nutritional factors would you want other than this for your occasion? Moreover, it takes no time to prepare this heavenly sandwich.

Take two slices of multi-grain bread, spread butter on both sides of the slices. If you want, you can replace butter with cheese. Then add fresh lettuce, tofu over the butter or cheese and embellish it with sliced tomato topping.

Then, sprinkle some salt or pepper, grill till the bread turns golden brown, and the cheese melts. Devour this sandwich and fall in love with the simple yet zesty recipe.

  1.  Chicken salami sandwich

Chicken salami sandwich

This sandwich is for non-veg lovers. If you are a non-veg lover, you will surely love this sandwich. It’s a popular option to eat at any time. How to make it? Take two multi-grain bread slices by putting mayonnaise, chicken salami, gherkins chili flakes, cabbage, and Italian seasoning. After that, heat the pan and toast the sandwich till it gets golden brown.

  1.  Beet hummus sandwich

Beet hummus sandwich

Sometimes the simplest dishes can turn out to be fabulous. Best hummus brings with it a strong punch of luscious flavors and a lot of protein. Moreover, the beets give a vibrant pink color to the sandwich while making it a healthy sandwich.

With some stream removed beet, drizzle few drops of olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, tahini, lettuce, garlic, cloves, salt, sprouts, and relish two slices of multi-grain bread that you have never eaten before.

  1. Vegetable pickle sandwich

Vegetable pickle sandwich

If you are a vegetable lover, then this sandwich is for you. This sandwich gets a beautiful color due to different vegetables like onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins slices, etc.

It’s a very simple recipe to follow. Mash the potatoes in a bowl. Add salt, chili flakes, black pepper powder, bell peppers, and mix it well. Grill the bread with a little amount of butter. Place the mixture on the bread, then place opinion slices, tomatoes and cucumber and cover with bread.

  1. Peach, Prosciutto and Avocado sandwich 

Avocado sandwich 

This sweet-salty combination in the sandwich will impress the foodies. It has rich ingredients like avocado, lime juice, peach and is served with a whole white bread which is slightly toasted. It is a dish which offers a taste as well as nutrition.

  1. Finger club sandwich

Finger club sandwich

The finger club sandwich is enough to sway your guests with Ecco gourmet fillings which are its specialty. This is a perfect idea for corporate lunchtime and evening events. These sandwiches are cut into three pieces and are very easy to food. They also look perfect for eating.

  1. Executive point sandwich

Executive point sandwich

Executive point sandwiches are a feasible option for office lunch or an event. This finger-licking sandwich option is full of premium fillings to satisfy your taste buds. Vegetarian and halal options are primarily on-demand options. Its nutritional value is relatively high, so it becomes a healthy and delicious option for the guests.

  1. Classic cob sandwich

Classic cob sandwich

If you are a foodie with the craving for a little more filling, then the Cobb sandwich is for you. The fillings can be regular in this sandwich, but the bread used is Cobb-sized bread with the combination of light rye, dark rye, white and multigrain, which gives it a unique appeal. These are also a perfect option to feed the crowd as they are made with ease.

Good health comes from good food choices. These quick to prepare and scrumptious, healthy sandwich ideas are great for catering in Melbourne to sway your guests with the best healthy sandwich. So make your catering events a big success with these sandwich ideas.



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