So Why Branding? How to use Corporate Identity Design in Your Favor?

Corporate Identity Design

Getting the branding right is important. Let’s understand ‘why’ in this blog.

You know that branding is the core of every business. But do you think branding is all about logos and slogans? However, to a brand design services company, it’s much more than that.

Branding is everything that a customer experiences – from website to social media posts, from the product to its packaging. In fact, it also the way a brand answers its customers when they call for queries/doubts/service.

Why Branding? 

Here is how branding plays a crucial role in the business.

Helps Recognize the Brand

Your customers know about your brand because you have done enough branding for it. Branding builds consistency in the market that is why it’s easy for people to recognize a brand on a brochure or a pamphlet. People adhere to brands that provide quality, which with the help of branding comes in front of people now and again.

Tell me something, do you order some other drink or simply buy a ‘Coke’, and do you go to for some search engine or simple ‘Google it’?

These brands have successfully used branding their favor.

Great Way to Develop Referrals

The top branding and logo design companies know the hidden benefits of constructing a strong brand – like generating referrals.

84% people believe that once a while they like to buy something referred by a friend. And other best way brands are promoted is when people wear your brand. Unknowingly they advertise about a brand and indirectly tell people that they adore it.

Build a Strong Corporate Identity Designs that Favors Your Brand

Whether you know or not, you already possess a corporate identity, the way you have a brand identity. It’s your call whether you want to leave it as it is or take the chance to re-create a logo or design a spectacular social media post and everything else.

Remember, in the year 2016, Uber changed its corporate identity from black and white ‘U’ to something new. However, the brand should have focused on the issues, affecting the brand’s reputation. From the poor and unfriendly environment to sexual assaults, the brand was into deep trouble. Rather than consulting a corporate identity design agency, Uber should have better resolved the ongoing issues.

Your corporate identity should represent the true colors of the brand and not just anything.

Focus on Your Values & Culture

Your focus should be on the value and culture that your corporate follows. Top brands are recognized with not just the fun and quality time they get, it’s also about the policies, flexible time and hiring format they follow. So, make sure that your brand represents the true identity of your brand.

Build a Powerful Design

Your vision, values, culture and everything else can be explained well through your design. You can bring the core values of the brand to life through powerful designs.

Things that come under design:

  1. Logo

As you know, nothing relates to the business better than a logo. The top brands know what it is to have a good logo. From Coca-Cola to McDonald logo, each one has its own identity. So, make sure to get sufficient branding and corporate identity design services to nail your audience with a perfect logo.

  1. Social Media

Targeting social media platforms is good for the brand. Whichever social media platform you focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other, you should maintain a consistent image. 

  1. Website

Design a website that is attractive, fast and gives an overview of the business. Remember, this is the place where people get to know about your services and products. Eventually, it’s where you get maximum leads for your business.

Don’t Ignore Packaging

When you’re done with everything that works online, it’s time to focus on the offline visibility of the brand. And, package design comes under it. With top corporate identity design services, you get eye-catching and good-to-use package design that increase leads for your business.

Packaging influences the customers’ decision to buy a product or not, as it’s the last thing that communicates about the brand.

Your brand is what you do, but it’s important you portray it in the right manner. A professional brand design services company strategize according to the brand. Thus, you have to know what exactly you want people to know about your brand. Only then can you make a unique corporate identity.



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