Let’s Add Extra Place with Loft Conversions in South East London

Loft Conversions in South East London

Hey! What if we tell you that you can add an extra bedroom, study room or a game room to your already built home? That would be amazing right? And that’s not even a lie. This excellent company is providing perfect loft conversions in South East London that’ll add extra space to your place.

You have always wanted to add that extra room right?

Whether it’s your home or you own an office. You have always wanted to have some extra space for you. Maybe you bought this house & when you moved here, your family occupied all the rooms & you didn’t get a chance to have that spare room turned into some hobby room right? Don’t worry, loft conversions in South East London is about to give you your desired hobby room.

Or maybe you started an office & you’ve wanted to keep one room for yourself, where you could go to relax & spend some time doing yoga or meditations. It would have been really great for your mental health as well to spend some time in that room just relaxing. But once you started filling those rooms with the office requirements, space for your desired meditation room didn’t left & you had to give up the idea. But don’t worry, our loft conversion design ideas are going to add that meditation room to your office.

Loft Before, Bedroom After

You have a loft right?

It’s that extra space just under your roof, that you’ve been using for store storage. You probably have thought when you first saw it that, “Man! That’s a lot of space. Let’s use it to keep shoe boxes, old brushes, cycles, broken tables, old computers, safe.” But what we think when we look at your loft is. “Hey that’s a nice amount of space. Let’s work together & convert it into a bedroom, or a gym, or a library, or a playroom.” That’s what our loft conversions are about.

A new Bedroom for your kids.

You really don’t need to waste all of that space. Maybe, your kids have grownup & now you want them to have separate rooms. What’re you going to do? Will you buy a new house? Borrow loans, get yourself in debts, hire a realtor, have a look at many houses, decide one, start packing, the whole moving, & than unpack… All of that only to discover that you could have hired us Loft Conversion Direct company to creatively convert your loft into your kid’s desired theme based bedroom. We have so many loft conversion ideas for you.

A Nice Gym?

Or how about a nice gym for you? Wouldn’t that be nice? Building all the muscles, staying fit by just converting an old loft into a spectacular new gym?

Your dream library?

Or a library? Do you love books? Always wanted to have a large collection of books around you but couldn’t find the space? Our loft conversions are about to get your dream turn into reality.

Or even a Bat cave?

Maybe you’ve always imagined yourself as Tony Stark. Or Batman? Or even Dexter & wants to have your own Bat cave or secret laboratory. Now’s the time to follow that dream. Make inventions— (an iron man suit maybe?) & keep all your tech gadgets around you. Our team can help you with specialize loft conversion ideas.

Not so Lofty requirements

Before converting your loft into your dream palace, we have to analyse some requirements such as,

Your loft’s height should be at a minimum 2.2 m height.

What kind of roof do you have?

How’s the floor below?

What kind of conversion do you want?

Your budget?

Your convenient timings.

If you’re clear about these points, great! But if you’re confused or don’t have enough time then our Loft Conversion Direct’s team will arrive at your home, survey your loft, & than suggest some great designs to you.

Why Loft Conversion Direct’s way is the right way?

We at Loft Conversion Direct are a team that has faith in our work. We have been converting people’s loft into their dream fantasies for a long time. When you hire us, you should be confident that you’ve taken the first step in the right direction. Now our loft conversions in South East London are really creative, innovative & wonderful.

Not only that but if you want bathroom or kitchen installations, our team will help you achieve that.

Starting from scratch

We’ll start with scratch, after discussing everything with you, from cleaning the space, designing it, doing the plumbing, plastering, & installing the electrical installations to light up your new room. We’ll cover everything. And don’t worry, we keep in mind your budget & work according to it.



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