6 Ways for Dealing with Your Baby’s Bad Breath

Baby’s Bad Breath

It is not only the adults who need to be wary of their oral hygiene. Babies and children are equally susceptible to contract oral problems if the necessary steps are not taken. If your baby seems to have bad breath, you need to ascertain the primary reason behind it. Sticking with finding a treatment to the cause shall eventually drive away the problem of bad breath.

The most common causes for the bad odor of the mouth in children are extreme diets, for instance, a high-protein diet, poor dental care, and an ailment like anorexia nervosa. Besides these, other common causes also include gum diseases, blocked nose, throat infection, tooth decay, and sinusitis.

That being said, it is not always the case that bad breath links with a potential disease or an underlying problem. Babies tend to usually have an odor in their breath upon waking up in the morning. There no need to worry about this sort of bad breath as it generally goes away with the cleaning of the mouth. However, if there are reasons for you to believe that the situation needs redressal, this article shall discuss some ways you can resort to for dealing with the problem in your child.

Consult a Physician

If you feel that the bad breath in your child’s mouth is somewhat dissimilar from the usual, it is ideal to get an appointment with your general physician. They are well-equipped to identify the cause of the problem. If they do happen to find an underlying problem, your child shall get some antibiotics or the medicines to get a treatment from the infection or the prevailing ailment.

An article suggests that apart from visiting a physician, you can also take your child to your pediatrician, in order to inspect the gums and teeth. Generally, the problem does not need much redressal than this to find a solution. However, if the GP feels that an appointment with the dentist is imperative to ascertain the cause of the bad breath, you should definitely follow the suit for the oral hygiene of your baby.

With the invention of the oral airway, the dentists can easily resuscitate the patient. The process to do it has thus become less cumbersome than ever before.

Ensure they Brush Daily

Although this tip might sound cliche, it is actually highly effective when it comes to maintaining oral health. Consuming a variety of foods and drinks all day require regular cleaning to prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Thus, make sure your child brushes teeth twice in a day. As a matter of fact, brushing in the night is even more significant than done in the morning. According to an article, following this practice on a daily basis shall ensure that your child’s dental health remains good and, which will facilitate the prevention of foul breath. Besides these, brushing also allows for the protection of the teeth from the formation of plaque over them.

In the cases when you take your child to the dentist for the removal of the cavity, the dentists provide an option to avert the incidence of gag reflex and go for sedation. This shows how far technology has come when it comes to easing through the dental procedures for the patients of all ages alike.

Brush Daily

Regular Flossing

Flossing is a practice in which one cleans the spaces between the teeth with a thread-like instrument. Although brushing is important, it might not effectively reach the hard-to-reach places in the teeth. This is where the need for flossing arises. It targets the cleansing of the inaccessible areas in the mouth, which further improves oral health overall.

Some of the tried and tested benefits of flossing include the protection of the teeth from decay, removal of the accumulated bacteria, and the cleansing of the pits and fissures of the teeth. It also helps in keeping the gum diseases at bay, which emanate due to the growth of plaque and cavity. Since flossing contributes to the health of the mouth substantially, it shall enable your baby to maintain fresh breath throughout the day.

Another constructive way to keep the breath fresh is to use mouthwash. Due to their antibacterial nature, mouthwashes help in controlling plaque and providing protection from cavities.

Consumption of Water

The adequate consumption of water not only facilitates the removal of toxins from the body that generate over time, but it also ensures that the bacteria do not make a permanent place in the mouth. The more water your child drinks, the better will be the production of saliva in the mouth.

Saliva is imperative for the maintenance of oral health, owing to the fact that it strengthens the teeth, subsides the growth of germs in the mouth, and protects against the incidence of tooth decay. A study suggests that about 3 liters of daily should become a habit for the effective functioning of the body overall. Hence, make sure your baby drinks plenty of water every day.

Consumption of Water

Reduce Sugar Intake

We all know that children cannot do without the sugary treats and drinks that they are fond of. Although it is practically impossible for you to cut sugar from your child’s diet completely, the focus should be upon minimizing its intake to the minimum. It contributes to the formation of plaque and causes the yellowing of the teeth over the continuous period of use. Hence, make sure your baby keeps away from too much sugar, whether in food or drinks, to tackle the menace of breath problems.

Cut back on caffeinated products

The caffeinated drinks, especially coffee, contains a high amount of phosphorus in it. This mineral is known to significantly impact the reserves of calcium in the body. As a result, the decaying of teeth, gum diseases, and bad breath follow.

Caffeine is also responsible for the staining of the teeth, which happens due to its highly acidic nature. The enamel is most likely to erode due to the high consumption of it and increase the cases of teeth sensitivity. This makes it imperative for you to check the consumption of coffee or caffeinated products by your child and oversee that they consume them at minimal levels. Switch your child’s daily needs to milk from that of coffee as a long-term solution.

Not only are these tips efficient when it comes to dealing with your baby’s bad breath but are also pretty easy to follow. Make it a point to inculcate these tips in your child’s schedule on a regular basis.

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