Improve Your Home Security

Improve Your Home Security

A home is a place where we spend most of the time in our life. We keep all our belongings or important documents in our cupboards. So, it must be secured. Door locks may stop working due to the following reasons:

1. Frozen locks

This problem arises mostly in the winter season. The water enters the lock knobs and makes it freeze. The hairdryer can help you to melt the frozen water. But if you apply more heat, it can cause permanent damage. It’s better to call an emergency locksmith service in your area to make it operate.

2. Loose locks

Older or low-quality lock may get loose. Loose locks have keys but don’t tend to close or open. In such cases, a hair pen can help in opening the lock.

3. Distorted doors

Due to poor weather conditions, the door sometimes gets distorted. Usually, this happens with the old doors. To fix the wraps you can add weight to the wrapped areas or in this situation, your lock needs a professional locksmith to get it to work.

4. Clogged mechanism

This happens due to the dirt present in the lock. Forcing the key into the lock can even make it worse. You can use silicone or graphite spray to fix it but if it still doesn’t work try to take help from your residential locksmith.

5. Key breaks in the lock

Sometimes when we try to open the door lock in hurry, lock breaks the keys inside it. In this situation, there are certain do’s and don’ts to follow. Never try to open the broken door lock again and again. By doing so, you will shift the broken key into the lock mechanism which will be more difficult to take out. If the broken key is visible from outside, try to take it out by using some needle-shaped stick or a wire. If the key doesn’t come out, don’t try to force it. This time you need a locksmith to fix it because they have certain tools and techniques that easily bring the key out.

6. UPVC door is difficult to open or lock

Sometimes the locking point alignments get disturbed. The door lock opens and locks at the opening position but not at the closing position. UPVC doors sometimes drop out of position, but they are designed to be adjustable. Most people find it easy to fix it. Unfortunately, this type of problem may lead to proper lock mechanism failure which then needs to be replaced.

Reasons to hire a lock service

It is easy to replace the door lock but not for you but the locksmith. Why you should hire a locksmith? There are many reasons to leave the door lock at experts for example:

  • You need to understand the different lock standards to find the lock for your door. Locksmith has years of experience and knowledge to do so. They can easily and efficiently change the door lock in no time.
  • Locks come in different shapes and sizes. All the locks are not fit for all the doors. It’s necessary to select the accurate size and shape of the lock before adjusting to the lock alignments.
  • It needs necessary skills. If you try it yourself by spending hours on its adjustment the lock will stop working again at the weekend, then you have to call the emergency locksmith service to save the home security. Instead of getting high charges, try to call them at the start of the problem.
  • Mental satisfaction and work guarantee are the most demanding things in any work. To do it yourself, you are not mentally satisfied nor you can guarantee the lifespan f the lock. But locksmith masters provide you work and lock guarantee and hence you can get mentally satisfied for your home security.

Ways to Improve your home security

If you have rented or purchased a new home, then you need to read the below home security tips.

  • Get a new set of keys when you enter your new home
  • Install high-security locks
  • Keep track of all your keys
  • Try to set an alarm system

Before hiring a locksmith, make sure to verify their services. Look for their license, their previous experience, and their customer’s reviews. Always request a price estimate first to avoid future problems. Once the locksmith completes his work, make sure the work is actually completed. If you are having a lock repair services at your place, make sure it’s repaired and the problem is solved. But if you are making a replacement, make sure it works well. Open and close the door and lock to check its working condition.



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