5 Styling Tips to Wear Your Leggings


While many girls consider them just a substitute for pants, we believe leggings to be one of the best wears for women. After all, if you are not wearing them all ways, you probably aren’t doing it right and aren’t even into leggings to that extent. To buy leggings for women, my option has always been Zivame. It has these great options for leggings in different styles, colours, and they are all trendy. But if you don’t know how to style up with leggings, here we are, with some tips that could change the game for you for real.

Using a shirt just the length of a dress, but not quite there

If you are trying to pair the leggings with something, a shirt the length of a dress would work just fine, just remember that the shirt should not be below your thighs, because that would just make it look shaggy. Style it up with boots or shoes, and you are good to go with this interesting look.

Button-down shirt and boots

One of the most common ways to wear a pair of leggings, you could style it up with a button-down shirt and pair up with long boots. Although the look is quite common and not really unique, you bet it looks very stylish, and you would be slaying it right on the mark. You could also go with a pair of sneakers if boots do not feel comfortable. A semi-formal office look, this is one look you should definitely try out!

Long cardigan with short shirt

Going long isn’t the right way – you can go for a long cardigan and short shirt as well. Now the long cardigan need not necessarily be pulled off with a short shirt – you could also go for a short top instead and believe us when we say it, you would still look awesome, and the leggings would bring out the sass for sure.

Long t-shirt and loose shrug/cardigan

Layered long cardigan/shrug and a long t-shirt – well, that is one look you can imagine pulling off with your leggings and being on the style side forever. However, you might have some issues if you try to experiment more with the footwear here. To carry this off, you should not go beyond boots or sneakers at all.

The chic look with leather leggings

And last but not least, we have the super babe look with leather leggings – a look to die for indeed. Ride the style train like you would have never had and combine your leather leggings with a shirt or even t-shirt and pull-over/shrugs and boots.

And there are other ways too.

That’s not the end if you are keen on experimenting more and finding just the right combination to hit the note. However, just do not stay much away from the leggings stylings, especially like the girls who make the blunder of compromising their comfort for a unique look that doesn’t even suit them well. To keep looking great and experimenting, check out the latest in trend leggings and get different pairs to keep yourself ready!



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