How to Pick the Right Metal Roof Color for New House?

Right Metal Roof Color

So finally you have decided to install metal roofing in your new home (of course because of its countless benefits.)

However, installing a metal roof comes with so many critical questions like what would be the best metal choice? What color would look perfect on my home structure? It entirely is an exciting process to choose a color for your new roof. These days, you come across countless color and design options and this process of selecting the right color has become even more exciting.

However, it is very important not to get lost in the plethora of choices. Just keep one thing in mind, whatever color you choose, it is going to affect the overall look of your home.

We completely understand that it is highly important for the homeowners to consider the practical and aesthetic factors of a color when they are choosing it for their home. You select a color for a reason and the reason is to bring harmony between all the elements of your home. If you are looking for metal roof installation in San Antonio, give this article a detailed read and help yourself in finalizing the best color scheme for your home.

  • Go Darker

When you are selecting the color of your roof, it would not be good to get so matchy-matchy. When you select a color that is not exactly matching your room walls and other structures, you give it even a more dramatic look. Although it is a good idea to match the color of the roof with the exterior of your home, when you go for a darker roof, it will definitely leave a tremendous impact on the entire look of your home.

  • Select An Energy Efficient Color

On the other hand, if you want to limit your electricity bills, it would be best for you to select an energy-efficient metal roofing color. The rates of electricity are already so high and when the summer season approaches, your electricity bill suddenly goes up. To avoid yourself from such frustrating situations, it would be best for you to choose an energy-efficient roofing color for your home.

  • Focus On Contrast

When you are considering to buy the best design and best color for your metal roof, we would recommend you to go for a contrast. Compare the color with all the other things present in your home and go for a contrast. For instance, if the walls in your home are dark in color, you should consider installing a roof that is light in color. And if your home is light-colored, then think about installing a dark grey, or black colored metal roof in your home.

  • Consider Your Home Style

Well, having a good contrast isn’t enough, you must also consider the style of your home. When you are so conscious of your home style, you can better judge what design and color you should choose for your roof. If the style of your home is more traditional, then go for a color that closely emulates the asphalt roofing. If you have siding outside your home, you must also consider it while installing the roof and selecting its color as it plays a key role in pulling off the right look.

  • Look What Is Trending

When you look for what everyone else is doing, you are not jumping on the bandwagon but it gives you a good idea about is trending. When you have a good idea about the local trends, you can definitely learn something about them. Sometimes, knowing about the trends is helpful for you when you want to stand out among others. And if you want to blend in the neighborhood where you are living, again this would be helpful for you.

  • Consider Your Climate

Usually, the logic behind choosing an eco-friendly color is that it is good for keeping a check on electricity consumption. For instance, if you choose harder colors, they will definitely absorb more infrared radiations and your home will become hotter in summers. However, if you are living in a colder environment, it would be best for you to go for dark colors as they absorb heat and make your home a warm place to live.

Concluding Thoughts!

Whatever color you choose for your metal roofing, make sure that it works well with the overall setting of your home.



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