Hemp Seed Oil – An Incredibly Nourishing Oil for Skin

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is fast becoming a must-have in most households. It is skyrocketing in popularity as scientists discover the many health benefits associated with its use, both internally and topically. It is rich in cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol, or CBD, as well as terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds with immense medical properties.

Organic Hemp Oil for Skin

Hemp oil contains all the compounds necessary for a healthy skin. It is rich in linoleic acids, which moisturize, heal wounds, emulsify, treat inflammation, relieve acne, and retain water. It also contains alpha-linolenic acid, which targets inflammation, prevents blood clotting, and soothes pain. There is an abundance of oleic acids too, which soften skin, promote skin cell growth, slow aging, boost immunity, control pain, and are high in antioxidants.

That is not all. Hemp seed oil also has palmitic acid, which is a powerful emollient and skin degreaser. Its high levels of stearic acid cleanse skin pores, emulsify water and oil, and soften rough skin. Furthermore, it contains gamma-linolenic acid, another anti-inflammatory that supports healthy skin growth, soothes pain, reduces allergies, and even stimulates brain activity. Hemp seed oil is rich in all essential fatty acids.

Without further ado, here are 12 benefits of organic hemp oil for skin:

1. Cleanses Face

Hemp seed oil is the perfect facial cleanser. It deep cleans while driving out pollution, dirt, and grime from the depths of the pores. It also dissolves sebum buildup most effectively, the primary cause of many skin conditions, such as blackheads and acne. Compared to other facial cleansers on the market, hemp seed oil contains no chemicals or contaminants, only essential nutrients for a healthy skin.

2. Moisturizes Skin

Unlike most skin moisturizers available today, hemp seed oil has a zero comedogenic rating. This means that it does not clog pores in any way, making it the ideal moisturizer for all types of skin, including those prone to oiliness and related issues, such as acne. Because of its high fatty acid content, it also layers the skin with a protective barrier that prevents loss of moisture during the day.

3. Combats Acne

The ability of hemp seed oil to calm acne and related inflammation, while healing the damage caused by this issue, is possibly among its most famous uses. If other carrier oils, such as grapeseed and coconut, cause your skin to break out in acne, then the astringent properties of hemp seed oil can reduce the problem by balancing the production of sebum. Consuming this oil can regulate hormones from within.

4. Fights Dermatitis

Dermatitis is an itchy, horrible skin condition. The high levels of both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids found in hemp seed oil can soothe the itchiness and dryness associated with this condition. According to the Journal of Dermatological Treatment, a study conducted in 2005 found significant improvement in all symptoms of dermatitis after using hemp seed oil for just 20 weeks.

5. Relieves Eczema

Eczema is another skin condition that causes extreme itchiness and pain. It results in red patches of dry, inflamed skin that is irritable to the touch. Hemp seed oil has the properties necessary to relieve the itch, reduce the pain, treat the underlying inflammation, and return the red patches to a healthy color. It is also able to heal the damage caused by severe eczema, such as scarring.

6. Delays Aging

The abundance of antioxidants in hemp seed oil can prevent the fast aging associated with free radicals in the environment. Hemp seeds themselves have potent anti-aging properties that also help to slow wrinkles, prevent new ones from occurring, stop sagging, and even reverse some fine lines. The oil boosts skin elasticity and aids in water retention, which keeps skin firm, supple, and youthful.

7. Softens Rough Skin

Hemp seed oil is an excellent emollient, since it is similar in composition to naturally occurring sebum. It is rich in essential fatty acids, which makes it capable of sealing moisture into the driest skin patches, such as elbows, knees, heels, and other rough areas, ultimately moisturizing and softening the skin in these extra dry places.

8.  Cures Rashes

Since hemp seed oil contains potent anti-inflammatory properties, science shows it soothing inflamed, red, often itchy skin rashes, especially when coupled with its high moisturizing abilities. Skin inflammation leads to all kinds of rashes, usually in damp places, such as the groin, underarm, and buttock areas. The oil contains no chemicals that often worsen, even cause, some of these rashes.

9. Helps Varicose Veins

Organic hemp oil for skin can both prevent and fight existing varicose veins. Although a recent discovery, this benefit is due to the blood-thinning properties found in its high levels of omega fatty acids. It prevents blood buildup on vascular valves, which is what makes veins appear bulging. Ideally, you should treat varicose veins both topically and internally.

10. Shrinks Pores

Large, unsightly skin pores cause many self-esteem issues in people worldwide. Hemp seed oil can firm, tighten, and tone skin. Additionally, those big pores that secrete the excess sebum responsible for pimples, blackheads, and oily skin can become notably smaller with the astringent properties of hemp seed oil, which can shrink these pores significantly.

11. Soothes Psoriasis

Evidence finds psoriasis associated with a deficiency in essential fatty acids, most notably omega-6. Since hemp seed oil has a high concentration of all essential fatty acids, including omega-6, it is able to treat psoriasis at its cause, as well as the inflammation that comes with it. Experts advise including hemp seeds in your diet to treat this condition, as well as applying hemp seed oil topically.

12. Regulates Oil Production

Since hemp seed oil is a “dry” oil with a thin, light consistency, it is the perfect moisturizer for greasy, oily skin. An overproduction of sebum leads to skin oiliness, but the astringent properties of hemp seed oil are able to rebalance sebum production to healthier, more normal levels. This helps to reduce oily skin without stripping natural skin oils the way chemicals products so frequently do.

Final Thoughts

Because hemp seed oil contains anticoagulant properties, it is advisable to discuss use of it with your doctor if you suffer from heart or blood diseases. Additionally, you should check for allergies beforehand by conducting a patch test, since it originates from seeds. If you feel skin irritation, itching, or burning, then rather avoid using hemp seed oil anywhere on your body.

Such reactions are so rare they hardly bear mentioning, but it is always wise to err on the side of caution. Hemp seed oil is rich in crucial minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that have an abundance of benefits for skin and other parts of the body, including nails and hair. Ideally, you should use cold pressed hemp oil for both cooking and topical application.

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