Basic Difference Between Casual and Formal Business Attire

Business Attire

Most of the office impose formal or semi-formal business attire for their workers. However, those office workers who dress less formal feel relaxed in a typical work day and also maintain a productive business environment. There are many clothing options that are based on colors, fabrics and conventional formal styles.

If in doubt about the workplace clothing style, here we are going to make you clear about the basic difference between formal and casual business outfit.

Formal business suit for men

Most of the workers usually wear formal business attire, however, this type of dressing mostly preferred in professions such as finance and engineering. Most of the time it is preferred to wear formal for instance, while going for an interview.

The basic formal attire has dark color classic cut suits, patterned ties, buttons, dress shirts and the combination of contrasting socks with suites. Groomed facial hair is also a part of formal dress code. You are advised to pick a formal dress code while attending a job interview or if you are not certain about the company’s dress code.

Casual business attire for men

There are many high-tech entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs who chose not to go with formal business attire and make this casual outfit as a standard dress code in many offices.

The casual style consists of formal jeans, khaki pants, polo shirts, and less formal footwear. However, you can also stylish athletic shoes in a casual style. Buying mens clothes online and online shopping for man has become so much easy in Pakistan. Although you can wear casual clothing at the office whatever you wear it should be well ironed to add decency in your style.

Most recommended colors for business attire

Decency and elegance go hand in hand. Your outfit can look much better by using dark color suits such as black, gray and navy blue. For the inner shirt, light colors like white, beige and sky blue are always recommended.

In casual business out for men, you cannot include shorts, sandals and other accessories like piercing and tattoos. But you can always make your dress more elegant buy pairing it up with stylish mens jackets in Pakistan.

Recommended fabrics and accessory materials

There are some details that are must to take care of, such as, what type of fabric you should use while designing a business formal attire. For suits, you can pick fabric according to the weather, for winters you can choose woolen and cotton. Always pick silk fabric for your neckties in addition, your wallet must compliment your dress.

The use of the Business Formal code has nothing to do with your age, it is a style that you choose to wear! Your clothing style must justify the purpose of wearing it. People usually do formal clothing to reflect highly professional image with the maximum elegance.



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