5 Facts about Apple Company that would Surprise You

Facts about Apple Company

Apple Company is one of the most advanced technical firms and an American multinational company around the globe. Apple was developed in 1976. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne were founders of it, and it was the first company that introduced home computers. Apple introduces amazing technologies and products in the world. Apple has the most highly qualified SEO specialists. The best-known products of companies related to hardware are Macintosh line of computers. Apple Company is the creator of the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, the iMac and many more. Therefore, Apple is also known as the largest source of information in the world.

  • The founder of Apple Company Steve Job likes fruit apples. The reason for the name of Apple is always like a mystery for the world but the reality is that Steve Jobs likes Apple so that is why he keeps the name of the company Apple. It has become famous very fast around the world and is the most successful startup company. The first color camera was introduced by Apple. The US is the biggest market of Apple, but the second biggest market of Apple is China.
  • Apple has ‘no smoking’ ban for computers. If we are talking about all Mac computers, ‘smoking’ is dangerous for us if we are in close proximity to the It means, if you are smoking in front or near a Mac computer, the hardware of the computer gets damaged due to the smoke of cigarettes and it will get dirty because of dust particles of smoke. Thus, Apple does not cover that issue in warranty. It is a good thing done by Apple because smoking is injurious to health.
  • Apple became a successful multinational company around the world because, In terms of real cash value, Apple is double than that of the US Meaning that Apple has double the amount of dollars in cash they have. A major fact about Apple Company is that the first quarter revenue of Apple Company was in 2014 and is more than the combined quarter revenue of Facebook, Amazon, and Google. Revenue was grown after the second quarter of 2015 by China. SEO services provided by Apple may have a major hand in the creation of this revenue. Recently, Apple became a more valuable brand in the world as compared to Google.
  • On June 29, 2007, the iPhone was released by Apple. The iPhone was the first generation and GSM product in the world. This project was started in 2004 and 1000 employees were working on it and this project was known as ‘Project Purple’. Apple Company took three years to complete this project. The cost of this project was $150 million. First iPhone was gifted to all employees of Apple when it was launched. The interesting fact about the iPhone is that the default time is always set at 9:41AM on the iPhone’s photograph because it was unveiled at the very time by Steve Job.
  • Apple’s website ‘apple.com’ is included in the top 50 most visited websites in the world thanks to the SEO specialists of the company. If we are talking about it, in the US Apple’s website is listed in the top 30 most visited websites.

To conclude this article, I would say that Apple had played a major role in improving the status and position of the technological industry. It has bought the industry of technological advancement to a better and enhanced level. With its latest technology, Apple has taken up a major role in one of the best multinational companies. Steve Jobs once mentioned at an interview, “I want to put Bing in the universe”. We can say from his quote, that Steve Jobs did really put a Bong into our universe when he introduced us to the advance, innovative and latest products of Apple. With every new model of this brand be it in mobiles, laptops, personal computers (pc), music players or tablets, we receive a better, advanced and much more improved set of applications, and internal settings. We can also say that Apple gives you a complete package in even the higher rates of a basic phone however, with its specifications and applications, you would never regret your choice of purchase. At times, in arguments upon the better technology, people may say that the brand and position of Apple is overrated, however, we all know that by the end of the day, Apple deserves the position that it holds.



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