E-Bikes Industry Scenario and Products

E-bikes are the bicycles that contain electric motors or batteries that provide them the extra force for motion and gain speed at all kinds of terrains without rider’s too much hard work. They can help a rider to achieve a speed of 20-30 km/hr., without the release of any harmful substances to air.

E-bike is one of the most trending and attention diverting travel/transportation vehicle in an on-going decade. The reason behind the proliferating fame and need of E-bike is their capability to use an electric motor to propel a bicycle along with pedalling. Since they contain a pedal always, they are commonly termed as Pedelecs.

Due to their benefits, many start-ups and companies have shown their interest to develop and take forward the future of E-Bikes. Many companies are supplying motors for e-bikes to e-bike manufacturers, for which demand has been increasing every next day.

Current Industry scenario

Today, the industry is growing for manufacturing and supply of motors, electric wheelbarrow conversion kits, accessories and batteries for e-bikes to e-bike manufacturers. Though e-bikes have had their inception for many decades, but recent needs have made e-bike engineers to never look back. Engineers, technicians, and designers have gained a handsome experience one-bike motors. This strength of the industry is capable to turn on fortune pages for e-bike industry, provided demand takes an elevation curve.

, electric wheelbarrow conversion kits

Putting all their focus on delivering high quality & highly durable products on the market, manufacturers look forward to gaining customer satisfaction, thereby making a significant and positive impact on the green transportation industry.

Product Range

Today, e-bike companies and suppliers cover a wide range of products in their portfolio. They develop different kinds of motors products according to industry requirements, end user and customer vehicle fitment requirement.

Products are –

  1. Middle motor
  2. Hub Motor Kit
  3. Electric hub motor
  4. Batteries
  5. Accessories

Now, let us give a quick look at industry’s major and most demanding products. One of the most known products is Bafang fat bike motor. This motor is capable to increase the speed of a bike up to 30-42 km/h at 80 Nm torque. Also, this product is easy to install, easily compatible with disk brakes, lithium-ion batteries.

Other products that are also gaining attention in the market are different kinds of batteries, accessory wheels, kits and many more. These products are required, not only to OEMs to manufacture e-bike but also in the aftermarket industry to serve as replacement parts.

Bafang fat bike motor

Recent technical discussions

There are many technical points about these e-bikes, motors and their parts to be understood to gain a complete understanding of the subject. But diversion on engineers is moving towards operational efficiency of motors. To understand this subject, let us understand different types of magnetic plates used.

There are 2 types of magnetic plates that can be used.

  1. Straight type (no curvature)
  2. Tile type (curved)

Both types of magnetic plates have their own benefit, let us understand:

Air gap: Due to no curvature, when straight type magnetic plates are arranged in a circle, they tend to have some gap in adjacent ends between every 2 plates. While in case of tile type, since there is a curvature, there is no gap. No gap brings more operational efficiency, durability, higher starting torque and longer lifeline of product.

Induction lines concentration: In the case of tile type plates, there is a curve on the plates, making them parallel to the silicon stator which is also having a curve. Thus, this makes induction lines more concentrated towards the centre, bringing in more efficiency to the product. This will increase the temperature in case of straight type motors.

With an increase in health awareness towards people, more people are giving a thought to recumbent exercise bikes, due to which, there is more than ever demand of e-bikes in industry. E-bikes industry is observing a proliferation in industry, especially in German and Chinese communities.



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