11 Best Places to Visit in the USA in the Golden Days of Summer

Best Places to Visit in US

The Best summer vacation stays in your memory for a lifetime. So it is very important to choose a perfect location to spend with your family and friends. Where you can have fun, enjoy, can have delicious food, some activities, etc. Isn’t this a perfect combination for summer vacation? Then what are you waiting for, pack your bags and plan a trip to the U.S. in the summer days? Here we have a list of the 11 Best places that you can visit in the U.S. during your summer holidays, and I am sure you will not regret visiting them.

When planning to visit the United States, one benefit is that you don’t need to travel much to find the ocean, dessert, parks, etc. You can include all these places in your one trip. So plan according. Do detailed research on the places and then decide. This will save your cost and allow you to explore new places.  Let’s discuss some best places that you can choose for your summer vacation in the U.S.

Yello Stone National PArk

Are you looking for the best national park to enjoy in the golden days of summer? Then Yellow Stone National Park is the best place. The national park is located in the western United States. Yellow stone was the first national park in the U.S. This park is known for its wildlife, you will get to see a variety of birds, fishes, bears, American bison, bobcats, etc. These animals are the main attraction of the park. This park is also known for other activities like hot springs, mud pots, etc. Especially multicolored pools around hot springs are the main attraction.

  • San Diego:

San Diego

What about beach activities on the hot summer days. Sounds exciting right? Then why wait? Plan to visit San Diego, a perfect place for your vacation with your loved ones or with family. It is located in California, U.S.Here you can enjoy different beach activities, have some mouthwatering foods, and enjoy some local activities. So pack your shorts and leave for the best beach. Here are some more cities to explore in California.

  • San Francisco:

San Francisco

San Francisco is the city where you will find so many attractions; you can do many activities here. You can plan your trip to spend more than two days here and you will not get bored. The main attractions we can say are Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, Oracle Park, Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, Golden Gate Park, Twin Peaks, Walt Disney Family Museum, etc. In this city, you will get almost everything that you might expect for a vacation. 

  • Utah:


Utah is located in the western U.S. Here you can visit the desert in south Utah, and enjoy dessert activities. Then drive for 5 hours north and here you can enjoy the cool weather surrounded by pine trees all over and some lakes too. So a perfect combination. Although the temperature might be high, still this is the best location to visit on summer days.

  • Kauai:


When you are looking for the best island location to spend your vacation time, Kauai is the best island. Kauai is located in Hawaii. This is in the Central Pacific And yes, you can visit this beach at any time; you will enjoy this in any season. But it is preferable if you visit it in summer so you can enjoy it to the fullest. The Ocean is calmer during this phase of the year so you can enjoy the beach activities without any fear.

  • Tucson, Arizona:


Tucson is the place where you can enjoy all the outdoor activities in summer. Although you will feel some heat in the summer as it is a hot city, still you will be able to enjoy things & can explore nature. Here activities like hill climbing, and tracking can be done in the summer. So you can plan to visit this in the summer days to get rid of the regular workload & enjoy the things.

  • Orlando, Florida:

Orlando Florida

Orlando is the perfect choice for a family vacation; it is the most popular place to enjoy with family. Here in Orlando, there are some activities for almost everyone to do. The main attraction of this park is the theme park that makes Orlando the giant playground for the kids. Here you will also find some other light refreshment activities, mouthwatering foods, and much more.

  • Santa Barbara, California:

Santa Barbara California

When you are tired of the heat of summer and want to spend some time with your family & loved ones then this is the perfect place. Here at Santa Barbara, you will get beaches, mountains all around, and a perfect sunset. All the activities are available here to make your mind and soul fresh. Like climbing & tracking on mountains, water activities, and rides at the beach. What else do you need when you can have dinner at the beachside, water all around & you are having dinner watching the lovely sunset! So don’t waste your time by thinking and make a plan for your next summer.

  • Lancaster County, Pennsylvania:

Lancaster County - Pennsylvania

When you are a person who loves fresh foods and fresh produces then Lancaster County is the best place for you. This city is known for its farming activities a fresh produce. And yes you will get samples of the all products that are being produced in the summer. Here you will also get some festivals to enjoy like a wine festival and food festival. Here you can also explore some heritage areas which are popular in the city. 

  • Seattle, Washington:

Seattle - Washington

Seattle is one of the best cities to explore in America. This city is the coolest on the hot days of summer so you can have a trip here in the mid-summer. This city offers almost everything for any age of people. Here in the city, there are so many lakes that you can enjoy. You can have some activities to refresh your soul and mind. 

  • Yosemite National Park, California:

Yosemite National Park - California

Yosemite National Park is located in northern California. This park is famous for its hiking activities on summer days. You will need to take prior permission for tracking. Here you can also explore the Bridalveil waterfall.

So we discussed the main attractions in the U.S. to enjoy the sunny days of summer. When you are tired and want some refreshments, you can go to any of the above places to explore and have some refreshment activities.



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