Beat Your Competitors with these Ever-Green Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

You are on your way to meet your best friend. You both were supposed to meet at Trafalgar Square. If you haven’t been there, let me tell you that it is nearly impossible to find anyone in the crowd. It is normally overcrowded.

With high hopes, you reach on-time, but there is no sign of your friend. It is just overcrowded. You return home without seeing your friend. Before you say anything, you left your phone home.

Now, consider the same scenario with a little change. You asked your friend to dress in a yellow shirt and off-white jeans. You will instantly spot your friend without running into the crowd.

The same theory applies to social media. With over 4 billion social media networks across the globe, it is impossible to make your brand standout from the crowd.

Sherpa Marketing found that people love to follow brands on social media. More than 80% of people support at least one business.

If you’re missing out this grand chunk of potential customers, you are missing like half of the world’s population.

How can Brands steal the stage with Social Media?

  • Magnified Brand Awareness

The world is moving fast. With each passing day couple hundred brands appear online. This means that there is a grand opportunity for you to reach those hungry customers.

People are already buying products on Instagram and Facebook,so the competition is already stiff out there. If you want to get in front of customers, think in terms of solving the problems of your customers. Show how your brand can solve problems and why your brand is different.

  • Act as a human

A UK-based study concluded that more than half of adults don’t trust a brand until they see social proof.When a customer establishes a bond with your brand, you must keep the interest of your customers at bay.

The ability to create a genuine connection with your customer is the key to social media success. Call it a meaningful relationship moment or anything you like, but the core take away is to show the customer that you care when the customer is angry to listen to them before passing out your judgment. Show that you care deeply before you devise any solution.

Perhaps a professional social media agency can help you to humanize your brand.

  • From Novice to a thought leader brand

Every good thing starts small and grows big. Regardless of your industry, social media is a grand opportunity to start small and grow. There is no limit on how much you want to expand your business.

Just like brand advocacy, thought leadership is an excellent way to build trust.Leadership is not just about firing orders or blaming people for their mistakes;authentic leadership is about advocating the bright side of your brand in social media.

It is about showing the world that your brand stands for certain principles, and you are eager to follow these principles at all costs.

  • Top of the mind and inside every heart

Social Media users often login into their account a couple of times in a day. When the user is in social media, there is a chance to grab andengage the user.Keep your social media a place for users to engage, connect with you, and raise all your concerns. Listen to the customer and help them with their problems.

When the customer know that you are a brand that prefers solving problems rather than creating one, the goal should be to steal the heart of your customer. Entice them enough to do business with you. Not just them, make the experience as pleasing so that they will share the experience with their friends.

To wrap it all up. To beat your competitors, you must take help from social media. Use the above tips to take the social media by storm.You can either sit on the sidelines or you can step-up and beat the competition.

There are a lot of hungry customers out there. If you are willing to scale your business you must use every opportunity you can that can help you grow your business.



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