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3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Social media is no longer the new kid in the world of B2B marketing. With so many channels available to spread the message of a brand and to understand the needs of the target audience, nowadays, social media is enough to make your head spin. And that’s why, along with Search Engine Optimization, businesses are choosing social media for marketing and have seen high levels of success as a result.

However, creating a social media campaign that can help the brand to achieve its goal is not as simple as it seems. You can hire one of the reputable SEO agencies to help with this campaign. And to get tips on how to design a successful social media campaign, you can follow the top Australian SEO blogs. Moreover, to make sure that your business is on the path to success, be sure to avoid these B2B social media marketing mistakes. Take a look.

1. Not having a clear strategy

Most of the B2B organizations arrange a social media marketing campaign without having a proper strategy in mind. Without a social strategy, it would be difficult for you to determine which social channels to use, what activities to engage in on those channels or how to measure success. And when that happens your efforts will not bring any result. To avoid this, take the time to make a strategy for social media marketing, which outlines what goals you want to achieve, what to do to achieve those goals, and how to measure success. A proper strategy always increases the chance to get closer to your aim.

2. Pushing your agenda only

Businesses have a clear agenda when you arrange a social media campaign, and to achieve this, they push messages. Social media marketing should always be what your audiences want to hear and less about what you want to achieve. While audiences will find that through social media, you are trying to push the business messages from time to time, they will lose interest in your social media campaign that you will obviously not want. To avoid this, share a mix of content from your organization and others, and engage with what your audience shares. Some recommend to follow the rule of thirds. It means, 1/3 of your content can promote your business, 1/3 should be curated content from other sources, and 1/3 should be engagements with others. Moreover, make sure in social listening so that you can understand what they are saying and what they want to hear from you. This listening will also help you in pull tactics that can help you to pull people in by responding to them rather than just “pushing” messages at them.

3. Relying only on vanity metrics

There are several ways to measure the success of a social media marketing campaign, however, vanity metrics are not one of them. These metrics only help you with surface level data like the number of likes or followers. And if you measure success based on that then you are committing a mistake. It is because having 100 or 1000 people “like” your recent post is great, however, it does not indicate that you are bringing in new leads to your site. As a part of your social media marketing strategy, make sure to indicate what metrics you will track and how will you use it to measure success. Moreover, you should decide how you can look at metrics beyond each social network. For example, you may want to track how many closed-won deals were originally sourced from social media. So, decide on which metrics to use when designing a social media marketing campaign.

So, you should avoid these mistakes when arranging a social media marketing campaign. You can follow the latest SEO tips to know about the various aspects of the social media campaign. And to arrange it successfully, opt for an SEO agency today.

Author Bio: Henry Daiches, an SEO expert who is associated with one of the top Australian SEO blogs, here writes on the mistakes to avoid when designing a social media marketing campaign. He also recommends to follow the latest SEO tips for this.



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