9 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle before Going on a Winter Trip

Winter Trip

Winter is a tough time for any kind of vehicle. If you planning to go on a winter trip then it is not an easy task to do especially if you are planning to drive your own vehicle. You need to do a lot of planning and preparation. The first important thing you need to prepare is your vehicle and yourself for the winter trip. We all don’t want to leave any chance for any breakdowns and chances of skidding if driving on ice. A well maintained car gives you the security and confidence of driving on a bad road in bad weather conditions. Keeping your car on the road can be very difficult. Here the 9 important tips that will be helpful in preparing your car while travelling in winter.

1. Car Servicing

Car servicing is most important before going on a winter trip. You need to check your car’s engine and ensure that it is properly maintained and serviced. If you have not yet serviced the car then you need to do it on a priority basis from a car servicing center. Having your car checked by a professional mechanic will ensure a safe and hassle free journey. They will inspect your vehicle thoroughly and solve any repair issues on your car. They will also provide advice to prepare your car for the winter weather, which will really be beneficial for you.

2. Inspect your battery

Battery is an important part of your car. Keep your car battery in good condition. Remember, during winter conditions it requires additional care because the cold temperature reduces battery power. Before going to drive you need to confirm your battery is fully charged, is free of any rust and the connections are tight. Check your car battery capacity. If you have not changed your car battery for a long time then get it replaced.

3. Changing the tires before winters

Winter tire

Make sure your car tires are properly inflated. As mentioned above, cold temperature is not good for the battery, same ways it is not good for your car tires. Low temperature reduces your car tire pressure. Low pressure in the tires is not good for your car and can become a cause of accident.

In addition, changing your car tires is also a good idea. You can change your tires for a set of winter tires that have been specifically designed to run on snow and ice. It will give you a sense of safety on slick roads and provide traction in snow. Never think about mountain travelling without good quality tires.

4. Clean your car window and change your wiper blades

This is another most important tip to prepare your car for a winter trip because a clean window will surely improve visibility. Don’t forget, lack of visibility is the main cause of accidents. Make sure your wiper blades work perfectly and the windshields are also clear. With time, wiper blades can crack and don’t work the way they should have been working. If you are planning to go for a harsh climate then always consider more durable winter ready wiper blades.

5. Lights

Never forget to inspect your car lights such as brake lights, signal bulbs, head lights and driving lights. It is very necessary because it gets dark quite early in winters and you need the lights for safe driving. That is why, check your lights properly. If your headlights become foggy or yellow then replace them.

6. Check your car brake

Checking your car brakes and servicing them is very important. In case you ignore them then it might create a problem during your winter travelling. Unusual squealing, pulling and change in pedal feel does the sign of your bakes need repair. Apart from this, if you or your mechanic observes any damage on your car battery then replaces it.

7. Make sure you have an emergency kit in your car

car emergency kit

Don’t forget to keep an emergency kit in your car. Take all necessary things such as first aid equipment, gloves, booster cables, scraper, folding shovel, blankets, flashlight, blanket, food and drinks along with you in your car. Keeping the emergency kit in your car is very necessary, in case you are stranded in a lonely patch on the road then you can survive till help reaches you.

8. Change your oil

Pay attention to your engine oil. Very few people consider replacing engine oil during winter driving. Oil is important for every automobile. As we know, regular oil change is best to enhance the engine’s performance. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations if you are planning to go for a winter trip.  If you have no idea which type of oil is good for your car then use synthetic oil might be a wise decision better take advice from a professional mechanic.

9. Look at your car seat belt

Many people often forget to inspect their car’s seat belt. If you planning to go on a winter trip and the weather of that place is quite harsh and the road conditions is also bad then never forget to inspect your seat belt. It is the most important security feature of your car present there for your safety. Therefore, properly inspect your car’s seat belt and ensure it is in perfect working condition. If it is not in a good condition then replace it.

Preparing your car before going on a winter trip is very important. However, winters can be very dangerous for driving. That is why; your car requires special care and maintenance. Be sure to follow all these tips so that you can make you journey memorial, drive safely, and enjoy your winter travelling!

Author Bio

Richard Brenner is associated with mobile auto detailing Toronto for the past couple of years; he has been providing tips and advice to people looking for car detailing services. Apart from that Richard also writes about various topics related to car maintenance, safe driving, technology and traveling.



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