Why advertise on Google Ads?

Google Ads

In the digital marketing world, Google is one of the most used advertising channels on the internet. The days of television spots, billboards, and newspaper ads are gone. Google is the most used search engine in the world, which means it is popular so the right advertising on Google can bring your business profits.

Through its search, display, and shopping platforms, Google has created the ultimate targeting ad experience that you can maximize to its fullest potential.

If you are not advertising on Google yet, you are missing a golden opportunity for increased awareness and conversions. The main issue a lot of people have with Google advertising is that there’s a lot of competition out there. Because it works.

What are Google Ads?

You probably know Google Ads by its more commonly known former name, Google AdWords. The name could be changed, but the effective quality of its marketing campaigns remains consistent.

Google Ads is an online service that lets you place and create ads that run either on Google’s search engine or display platforms.

The Google Display Network has millions of websites that agree to have Google Ads on their pages based on the shopping and browsing behaviors of site visitors.

A Google shopping ad features a image of the product along with its name, price, and any promotions that the company might be running so people will always know what they are clicking on.

What are Search Ads?

The Google search network is the most common and most popular form of Google Ads. Google search ads run on a pay per click advertising model, meaning that advertisers pay every time someone clicks on their ad.

Potential customers search for a key term on Google and relevant ads are then shown based on what they were looking for. These search ads show up based on what you have bid as compared to other competitors who are selling similar stuff or services like you.

Google takes a few factors into account when determining order. For example, you can have a high bid on your ad, but relevance along with the quality of the ad is also really important.

What kind of Ads does Google offer?

The campaign type determines where customers will be able to see your ads or how they will be looking, but you make this more specific by targeting your ads. You can pick one that suits you best or test more of them at the same time.

Campaign types are:

Types of campaigns in Google are centered around Google’s advertising networks: the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, GMAIL and the YouTube Network. If you are looking for the automation of these campaigns, there are several tools to use.

What are the reasons why you should start using Google Ads?

There are many reasons why you should start using Google Ads for your business. We will talk about the main reasons.

  1. Show your ads in the right time to the right person

As we said before, you need to advertise on the advertising channel that is the most popular. There is a small chance that someone will order something from your e-shop because he/she saw your billboard, newspaper ad, or radio commercial. If you are selling computers, people will simply use Google to find the best prices for computers. That’s the reason why you should use Google Ads and appear on the search result with your e-shop.

  1. No minimum Ad Buy 

If you tried other forms of advertising like TV, radio, newspaper or billboards, then you know there are usually some minimum ad buys. In many cases, minimum ad buy can be several thousands of dollars and you are not guaranteed that this money will get back to you.

With Google Ads, there is no minimum ad buy which means you can invest as much money as you want. You can literally start with 30 dollars to try the effectiveness of your ads. Then you can raise your budget and reinvest once you see how the campaign is performing.  

  1. Precise tracking & reporting 

By using other marketing channels, you can’t measure precisely how your ad is doing. You can track orders because someone would probably call you but you cant track how many people saw your ad in the newspapers.

By using Google Ads, you have conversion tracking, so you can match leads and sales generated in-person or over the phone, to the exact keyword and ad in the Google Ads campaign. This means, even professional service providers and brick and mortar stores can track sales and leads precisely using Google Ads.

How to get started?

To start, you need to create your Google Ads account. It’s free. If you don’t know how to create or set up your Google Ads account precisely, you can check this guide.

After creating your Google Ads account you can check official Google Ads support forums on how to get started with your first campaign.

Good luck!

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