5 Vital Things Couples Must Know Before Entering Marriage

important things to know before marriage

Marriage isn’t only about the papers you signed up for to be called husband and wife. It’s more than just a proof of your love and commitment with the one whom you tied the knot with.

That’s why it’s greatly advised for you to think of getting married not just once or twice, but for a hundred or a thousand times. It’s because married life isn’t as simple as the life you had when you were just in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

Your entire marriage will gradually reveal the hidden characteristics of the person you’ve been loving for years – be it good or bad, you can’t do anything about it. But most likely, the marriage is like water and you and your partner are the plants – it helps you grow and bloom as an individual and as partners in life.

So, if you’re now deciding to take another step forward in your life holding the hands of your “The One”, then you better know these things first. The following tips are the necessary factors you might want to know first before entering marriage. So, read through the next pages and find out.

1. The difference between “pure love” and “mere affection

When entering a commitment, you must know how to determine what you truly feel about the person you’re investing all your time and efforts for. It’s because some may have found love out of curiosity, sadness, happiness, too much pressure, or as an escape to certain circumstances they might be in – and that case can really get you into trouble shortly.

In a relationship, most importantly in entering marriage, you must know first whether what you’re feeling is pure love or a mere affection. It’s because marriage isn’t about marrying the most beautiful person, but it’s about marrying someone whom you can rely on to all the time, and someone whom you can call your partner in every up and down of life.

2. You’re both completely ready to settle down financially and emotionally

You can tell that you’re both ready to walk in the path of married life if both of you are already settled down financially and emotionally. So, what does it mean? It means that you and your partner are capable enough to stand as the providers of your future family – whether as a parent or a partner.

Moreover, both of you must make sure that you’re settled down emotionally. You must have this emotional contentment that you’ll no longer look for another one and will no longer back out from the made commitment.

3. The significance of being an independent person

As you enter any kind of relationship, most particularly the marriage, you have to have the courage to stand on your own. It’s not all about depending on one another all the time.

It’s because if an unfortunate instance like separation, cheating, and undesirable death happens, you must have the strength to brave the storm of life. So, don’t depend too much on your partner – whether financially, emotionally, and so on.

4. Know that taking a couples retreat for some time is necessary

Some couples take their married life too seriously that they forget to hang out and take a break from all the responsibilities. Well, before everything else, you must know that taking a couples retreat for some time is definitely necessary for a marriage.

A once or twice in a year couples retreat will totally give room for you and your partner to have time for each other again – away from all the worries and responsibilities. Also, couples retreat is one way to relax, unwind, recharge, and fall in love again.

5. Marriage isn’t all about sunshine and rainbows

Marriage doesn’t only revolve around the sweet and happy moments – it’s not merely about sunshine and rainbows all the time. You must understand that you’ll be facing tons of obstacle as you walk through the new chapter of your lives together.

And the most important thing is that when these difficulties come to attack your household, you’ll hold on to each other tighter no matter what. Remember the promises you made in front of all your family and friends – for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

Final say:

So, what comes into your mind after browsing the previous pages? Now you know that marriage isn’t only about sharing love and affection under one roof.

Marriage is more like committing to someone with all your love, honesty, faithfulness, loyalty, and sharing the twists and turns of life. If you have more tips or ideas that you like to share, our doors are open to them.


Kath Ramirez

Kath Ramirez embraced the dream of being a writer since she was in 4th grade. She took it seriously and she now writes for Kims, and absolute beachfront tropical location in the northern part of Sydney. Aside from writing, Kath also keeps herself busy spending time with her family, cherishing the role of a mom to 3 dogs and a puppy, reading random books, and diving into the world of photography. She’s not even a pro to whatever she’s engaged into right now, but one thing she knows, she’s happy and that’s more than enough.



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