Types of Pavement

Types of Pavement

We need to pave our parking lots, driveways and commercial roads as we want cleanness around us and also want to save our vehicles from damaging on the driveways. So we need to contact with any driveway paving company for our work. Also, we want to know about the paving methods available in the market. If you want to pave your driveway you have to need to know about the estimate of your expenses. For this purpose contact with asphalt paving company near you. Contact with professional driveway paving contractor to get a free estimate of your drive. Asphalt and concrete, both are easy to distinguish in appearance, but what is the difference in the placement? Here I discuss what asphalt, its advantages,and disadvantages, is and what is concrete, its advantages,and disadvantages. The market price difference of both, and difference of construction methods.

#1 what is asphalt pavement?

A mixture of crushed stone and asphalt are heated this called an asphalt mixture or asphalt concrete.The temperature when it heated is actually 160 ° C or higher when shipped from the plant and 150 ° C during construction.As the summer site gets hot as hot as a burning hell, measures such as heat stroke must also be thoroughly studied.

It can be released (the car can run) only when the temperature becomes 50 degrees or less.

If it releases at a higher temperature than that, there is a possibility that potholes and the like can be formed.

asphalt pavement

#2 Advantages and disadvantages of asphalt pavement


  • Cheap unit price
  • As it can be used as soon as it cools down, it can be released in a few hours after construction
  • It takes less time for construction
  • High drainage and high quietness


  • Durability is low so it is easy to crack, dent, etc. Repair is required frequently.
  • When it accidentally touches such as the midsummer daytime it gets hot enough to burn you

#3 what is concrete pavement?

Although it is a totally different image, the concrete pavement is actually the material of asphalt changed to “concrete”.

Compared to asphalt it is very hard and durable, but it is lesser in terms of flexibility.

Therefore, reinforcing bars (placing reinforcing bars) is applied to the middle part of the concrete and so on.

Asphalt will fail if you roll chemicals or gasoline etc. but in the case of concrete it is rarely affected first.

For that reason, petrol stations and so on are made of concrete pavement.

concrete pavement

#4 Advantages and disadvantages of concrete paving


  • It’s hard and strong
  • Durability is excellent, so repair frequency is low
  • Surface temperature rise is greatly suppressed compared with asphalt even in summer and so on


  • High unit price
  • The layer must be made in the attention of expansion and contraction due to temperature change, so it takes time for several days after construction, so it takes time to complete construction
  • The surface is beautiful when finished with title iron, but it becomes very slippery etc. on rainy days etc.
  • There are such differences.

#5 Difference in construction method:

Dig up the earth, spread rock crushed, rolling up and ground land regarding this process, it is the same whether it is concrete pavement or asphalt pavement.

The major difference is the depth of drilling, In the case of concrete pavement, in general, it will be constructed with a thickness of about 10 cm, so 20 cm is required for the dig.

Since one asphalt pavement is generally constructed with a thickness of about 5 cm, drilling will be from 10 cm to 15 cm.

Let’s compare the market prices of expenses.

#6what is the market price of concrete pavement and asphalt pavement?

Even if it says a parking lot construction in one bite, the size differs depending on the number of houses and so on and because there are differences in construction costs depending on the area, it cannot be said unconditionally, but let’s introduce the general market here I will do.

#7Specific construction cost difference

Concrete pavement:

  • Drilling $ 2.7 to $ 4.6 / square meter
  • Extra concrete clearance $ 10 to $ 14 / square meter
  • Crushed stone actual cost $2.7 ~ 3.7 / square meter
  • Concrete pavement $65~$83 / square meter
  • About $ 80 ~ $ 104per square meter

Asphalt pavement:

  • Drilling $ 2.7 to $ 4.6 / square meter
  • Disposal of surplus $ 7.3 ~ $ 10 / square meter
  • Crushed stone actual cost $2.7~$ 3.6 / square meter
  • Asphalt pavement $ 27 ~ $ 36 / square meter
  • About $ 40.00 ~ $ 55.00 per square meter

Since it is a very common market price, it varies from case to case, but it will look like this.

As I mentioned in the previous item, the concrete pavement needs to include wire mesh, reinforcement,and joints, so there is a tendency that the labor is increased and the unit price is higher than asphalt pavement.

Besides, as for the construction area of both the concrete pavement and the asphalt pavement, the unit price decreases.



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