Things to Avoid After SMILE Treatment for Eyes

SMILE Treatment for Eyes

If you have planned and scheduled for SMILE treatment for eyes soon, then you have made a smart decision. It is one of the safest and advanced eye surgery treatments available for people having nearsightedness or astigmatism. This short and less invasive laser treatment will help you become lens-free for good. It works somewhat similar to the LASIK treatment with a few modifications.

You won’t have to deal with corneal flap like you do in LASIK treatment for reshaping the cornea. Apart from the no flap-complication benefit, you will enjoy this one-step one-laser treatment with minimal chance of dry eyes results. However, it is essential to know the post-operative care after your SMILE laser treatment for successful recovery.

Here are certain things to avoid after your SMILE treatment for eyes.

1. Avoid Excessive UV Ray Exposure

After the SMILE surgery, your doctor or surgeon will instruct you to wear sunglasses for about one or two weeks. This is to avoid your eyes from the excess UV rays of light. Your eyes will become sensitive to light, and extra exposure can make your eyes uncomfortable and itchy while slowing the recovery process. Therefore, you must regularly wear high-quality 10-0% UV sunglasses after the SMILE treatment for eyes.

2. Avoid Dusty And Smoky Places

Post-SMILE surgery is not the time for you to visit any smoky or dusty place in the neighbourhood. You must avoid any kind of smoky and dusty area like dirt roads, campfires, or any place where the chances of having smoke and dust are pretty high. If these elements get into your eyes, it will create a significant problem, disrupting the healing process and causing itchiness. It can even cause infection to your eyes.

3. Avoid Traveling And Take Rest

You must avoid driving immediately after the surgery procedure. You must take a rest and avoid travelling or driving for one or two days. It is best to take a cab to go home and attend the appointments and check up in the next few days and weeks. If you have a family member or friend, then take their help to pick and drop you on the day of surgery. It is best for patients to drive 24 hours after the surgery.

4. Avoid Any Kind Of Eye Makeup

You must know that makeup and makeup brushes consist of bacteria and chemicals. After the SMILE treatment for eyes, you must avoid putting makeup on or around your eyes for at least one week. If you put on makeup, it can cause severe infection or cause you to rub the eyes, adversely affecting the recovery procedure.

5. Avoid Read And Screen Time

You must avoid heavy reading for a week or so after the SMILE treatment for eyes. This will help you avoid eye strain. Also, avoid looking at the computer, laptop, and mobile screen for a few days. This will cause unnecessary strain and stress on the eyes, making them uncomfortable and reducing the recovery speed of the eyes.

Final Thoughts

You must consult your doctor for in-depth detail about the dos and don’ts after your laser eye surgery treatment. Till then, read this article for precise insight.



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