The World’s 8 Best Escape Rooms worth Traveling For

Best Escape Rooms

A love for travel stems from our need to learn more about different countries and cultures. You can learn a lot about a place through the food they eat and the art they produce. But while we focus on the unique things about a place, we often overlook the ordinary things we may have come across in our country. We forget that each experience is unique and has a local flavor.

Escape rooms are cropping up everywhere in the world. Although it is a relatively new experience, you can find escape rooms in every major city. Perhaps you, too, have looked up escape rooms near me and visited one of them. But each escape room is unique and provides a new experience during each visit. The advent of modern technology and individual selling factors have increased the popularity of escape rooms even more.


Some escape rooms are so successful, and their experiences are so distinctive that you will be missing out if you don’t visit them! Some of these games are one of a kind and warrant you to travel to these places just for the escape game experience. So here is our list of the world’s 8 best escape rooms worth traveling for.

1.  Sherlocked Escape Room Amsterdam

Sherlocked is one of the best escape rooms out there. Taking inspiration from the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, this escape room offers you 2 different escape room experiences. The Architect involves solving the puzzle of the mystery room and The Vault, where your mission is to change personas and steal a precious object from the room vault. The time duration is 60 minutes and 80 minutes, respectively. These experiences are ideal for a group of four and can be played with anyone.

2.  Enigma Quest In London

At Enigma Quest in London, you can choose between a Deepwater submarine escape room and the million-pound heist escape room. These thrilling 60-minute puzzles challenge you to solve different quest-oriented puzzles with your teammates. You will be missing out if you don’t give this place a visit.

3.  The Mr. X Mystery House Shanghai

The Mr.X Mystery House is one of Shanghai’s most famous escape rooms. This is a little different from your usual escape rooms. They have 5 rooms in total. But what is unique about this escape room is that there is no room scenario. You are locked inside one of the rooms, and you must use your creative and cognitive skills to escape the room. You must use your designated room and even the streets to attain victory. This is a popular tourist destination in Shanghai, and rightfully so.

4.  The Room Berlin

The Room Berlin is a famous escape room destination. They have 4 mission rooms, each with a 75-minute time limit. You may choose to treasure hunt at Humboldt University, help the famous Berlin investigator catch the Killer of Berlin, and get a taste of other similar scenarios. The bottom line is that you must use everything in your power to solve the puzzles.

5.  Seoul Escape Room

Seoul Escape Room is possibly the most famous escape game room in South Korea, with 6 different branches. The Gangnam area itself has 2 other facilities. The Gangnam 2 branch is the most popular of them. They have diverse themes in all of their rooms, and each experience lasts around 60 minutes and some 120 minutes, depending on your location.

6.  ParaPark Escape Room Budapest

ParaPark Escape Room is Europe’s first escape room. They are a crime thriller-based escape room. You can choose to be in scenarios where the settings are different cities. They offer 2 escape room experiences, each with a 60-minute time limit. If you prefer the adrenaline rush of crime thrillers, this is the game for you!

7.  Breakout Escape Games Bangalore

Breakout Escape Games is India’s most successful escape game franchise. They have branches in all the major cities. They are Asia’s first movie-themed escape room. They have 7 movie-based escape rooms, and the games are designed very well. The games are exciting, and they even have special kids-centric escape room experiences as well.

8.  Clue Chase New York 

Clue Chase Escape Room is a premier escape room facility offering 4 original escape room games. Interestingly, all 4 games are interconnected. The games are fantasy-themed and even include some popular historical and fictional characters like Batman and Houdini. The time limit is 60 minutes, and bookings can be made in 4-14 people groups.

If you are someone who loves traveling and experiencing new adventures each day, you cannot miss out on the escape room experiences cropping up in all the major cities of the world. So, pack your bags, and don’t forget to book your favorite escape room slot now!



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