The Guide to Permanent Make up Eyebrows

how to do eyebrows makeup

Many ask themselves the question of the difference between the various permanent make-up eyebrows. First of all, no method is better or worse than the other. It always depends on the style, skin type and pigmentation.

Permanent Make up eyebrows – Microblading

Microblading has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years. With a hand-held tool, a very beautiful eyebrow drawing can be done. They make the eyebrows look better with small cracks. Microblading is meant to replace single hair and not fill eyebrows. They should look as if they had been filled with a pencil.

Advantages of Microblading

Microblading eyebrows look natural. With professional work, every single scratching looks like real hair. Its duration varies from person to person and in the best of cases can last up to 3 years. The benefit of that impermanence is that you can choose not to get it redone if you want to go back to what you liked before you got microblading, although, truth be told, we don’t think you will.

Disadvantages of Microblading

Microblading is among the permanent makeup eyebrows the least durable. They require frequent reworking than other techniques. Usually, customers between 8 and 12 months come back to a repair. Microblading is not very effective, even with oily and combination skin types.

For whom is Microblading suitable?

  • For people with thin or spotty eyebrows
  • For people who want a subtle shape improvement
  • For people who do not want to make-up eyebrows 

Permanent Make Up Eyebrows – Ombré Powder Brows & Vegas Brows

This eyebrow technique is becoming increasingly popular. Women in the US are raving about Powder Brows and now this trend is also coming to Europe. The method resembles that of a conventional tattoo by introducing thousands of small pigment spots into the first layer of skin.

When we say semi-permanent eyebrows, we mean that too. The durability of Powder Brows is up to 2 years. Yes, unlike other eyebrow procedures, Ombré eyebrows are incorporated into the first layer of skin. As a result, they slowly begin to fade and the eyebrows last up to 2 years. The longevity will withhold skin type, UV radiance, lifestyle and the color of the pigment used in the treatment. They are also called Vegas Brows and are certainly worth considering. Considering that you do not have to draw your eyebrows yourself.

Do you need any further tasks during the morning make-up routine? The drawing and makeup of beautiful eyebrows takes time, even for the fastest among us. Most people spend at least 10 minutes daily, the eyebrows perfect style. In sum, this working time is 3650 minutes or more than 60 hours per year. That’s more than 2 days a year that will be lost. Instead, an Ombré Powder Brows treatment only takes around 2 hours. That sounds like effective time management. Do not you think so?

The confidence that someone will make you perfect eyebrows is something special. We all have seen horror pictures of badly made eyebrows and we are suffering with everyone.

Benefits of Powder Brows

With Powder Brows, no cuts are made in the skin. The finest pigments are made on the uppermost skin layer. This permanent makeup eyebrow technique is suitable for almost all skin types, including those with oily skin or combination skin. The technique can also be individually adapted to the wishes. For example, younger ladies are more likely to want the technology Vegas Brows and older ladies powder brows. The durability of Powder Brows is 1.5 to 2 years and you get a nice powdery eyebrow effect.

Disadvantages of Powder Brows

Many fear that this method will not look good because it will give a cleaner look than microblading. A professional application looks very natural compared to previous applications (90s). Contact a PMU professional for an even powdering effect on the eyebrows.

For Whom is Powder Brows suitable?

The method is suitable for almost all skin types. It does not matter if it is oily skin or combination skin. If you like to trace your eyebrows, this is the perfect method.



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