6 Smart Space-Saving Decoration Ideas for Small Condos

Decoration Ideas for Small Condos

Condominiums have been becoming the next big thing in industrial advancements, and it’s economically wise as well with the rising prices of land right now.

Land prices have been skyrocketing higher and higher as prime spots in the best parts of the country have been becoming too expensive for most. This is why high-rise condominiums have been becoming the best bet for those who still want to live in the city, without shelling out too much money.

However, condominiums may have its pros but its biggest con is probably that it doesn’t offer as much space.

So, if you’ve recently just bought a condo and you’re struggling to think of how to fit everything you own in there while making it look chic, we totally understand.

Thankfully enough, Instagram and Pinterest have birthed to the beautiful decor of even the tiniest of homes. Any time that you wish that your space was at least 30 feet bigger, you just have to draw inspiration from the internet!

Truly enough, quality can beat quantity. There are a lot of inspiring design ideas that can not only make your home look bigger, but also make it look amazingly creative.

Don’t be dismayed with your small condo just yet! We’ve compiled the best smart and space-saving design ideas for your space. 

  1. Sliding doors

Sliding doors are perfect for small spaces. Not only is it a genius decor idea, it can also serve as a design piece that will be one of the highlights of the room.

It’s a smart design idea since it doesn’t swing out or swivel like normal doors, it won’t occupy too much space. Sliding doors, especially wooden ones, can add a rustic, barn feel to the room. It will save some very valuable living space, allowing you the space to put furniture near the door.

Traditional hinge doors will require more negative space in your room for the outside swing of the door. This will then limit your furniture design choices, and will make the room feel cramped when it’s ope.

  1. Go crazy with mirrors 

Mirrors are a great design idea for small condos! If you’re looking for ways to maximise a small space, look no further than Louis XIV for some inspiration. He designed the Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors to foster the illusion of infinite space.

This is one design idea that can really make your place seem bigger than it is. A lot of small condos work well with one full wall of mirror, reflecting back on an open space and making the condo seem twice its size.

If you’re not too keen on a mirror adorning the whole wall, we recommend that you at least place a mirror across the living room window so that it can reflect light and create the idea that the room has expanded.

  1. Use the wall for art pieces

Use the wall for art pieces

While you may want to put in standing decorative pieces, it may not be the best ideas for tight spaces.

Why don’t you let your walls do the talking? Just because your space is limited, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t express yourself and let your personality reflect through the interior.

One way that you can keep your room clutter-free is to maximise your wall space. One wall can be dedicated to quirky, fun art pieces and even hanging plants for a touch of greenery indoors.

Your space should be your fortress. It should hold something that you can relate to, and you can infuse your small condo with style through art, houseplants, and messages hung up on the wall.

  1. Get multi-purpose pieces of furniture 

Function should be the number one purpose of furniture, but it doesn’t mean it can’t look pretty.

The thing about living in a limited space is that you need to get smart when picking out furniture. It’s simply not conducive for tiny quarters to have one piece of furniture to serve only one function. You can even utilise outdoor furniture to give a more rustic look to your home!

You’ll get a major bang for your buck if you find one that can perform double or even triple duty of what it’s originally intended for. Multi-purpose furniture is the wisest choice for when you need to make the most out of every inch.

Find one that will work smart for you. Well-designed pieces of multi-functional furniture won’t just save you space and money, it can also serve as a conversation piece for you and your guests!

  1. Don’t forget the corners of the room! 

In a situation like this where you’re trying to utilise every possible area, you shouldn’t forget about the corners.

These can serve as an opportunity for you to place more storage like desk drawers that are multifunctional, or you can opt to put in decorative details like lean plants.

The corner shelves can be used to hold books, key holders, candles, and other tiny things to spruce up the room. One thing you should avoid is clutter, which usually find themselves on coffee tables.

Designate a table for the remotes, keys, and other knick-knacks that need to be easily accessible for you. Otherwise, you can use this extra are to display collections as it will fully maximise the underutilised and often-ignored area!

  1. Conceal clutter with curtains! 

If you have a tall shelf in the living room that houses your books or other items, consider concealing this with a curtain. The curtain should accentuate the overall aesthetic of the room so that it seems like an intentional design choice.

Section off the area with a length of luxurious fabric. This way, you get to retain privacy while adding a touch of design!

Space is relative if your small condo has a good design. Your home will only feel as tiny as you let it!

Apply our smart space-saving design ideas when decorating your home, and you surely won’t have to worry about the limited space as much. You don’t have to shell out a few hundred dollars to buy extra space when you can make what you have work for you!



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