7 Sleep Essentials for Baby’s First Year

7 Sleep Essentials for Baby’s First Year

“An Infant aged like 4 to 12 months old needs to sleep 12-15 hours within 24 hours a day” – according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Sleep is very essential for a newborn’s both mental and physical development and it is their parent’s responsibility to ensure their proper sleep.

To make things easier, many companies offer products that will help in making the nap easier for babies. But you need to know which products are better and which one is a waste of money. That is why we are providing you7 best essentials to maintain balance sleep for a newborn baby.

  1. A Crib:

A crib is a mini-bed specially made for baby’s comfortable sleeping. You can find reviews of best baby cribs on the internet to make a proper decision. Of course, you can buy a bassinet for the new born but when the baby grows up more than six months old you need to shift him in a crib to maintain with his size with the bed. Many cribs provide features like easy to convert, height adjustable mattress support, safety rails protect from falling, made of high-quality pine wood and lot more.

  1. Blackout Shades:

As I mentioned earlier, a newborn need to sleep 12-15 hours on average, meaning he needs to sleep in the day time too. Windows light makes the nap unpleasant, to make sleep comfortable it is useful to have blackout shades to cover up window lights. It also offers such as install without drill or screws, block 99% of light and maintain privacy, give ultra-violate protection, block heat, include a clip to raise and lower shade, easy to unplug, and many more. Try not to open the window without any reason. This will heavily change the sleeping pattern and reduce unexpected wake-ups.

  1. Swaddle Wrap:

It goes without saying that a baby needs to wear soft and comfortable clothing while preparing to sleep. A swaddle is mainly used for wrapping the baby to make him feel secure. It is safer to start using it from the day of birth, every day and every night. The swaddle is made of soft, lightweight and stretchy organic cotton, creates a womb-like feeling, prevents the startle reflex, superior breath ability, and easily machine washable. You will be amazed how comfortably it fits with the baby’s body, how it stays in place all night and how it helps the baby to stay asleep for longer stretches.

  1. Baby Monitoring System:

A baby monitor is a high-tech is not for everyone if you are running out of budget. However, some parents want to access the information about movement, breathing of their little one then a baby monitor is a right choice for you.

Moreover, the best baby monitors deliver crystal clear birds-eye perspective videos both day and night, measures the room temperature, sound and motion data. Besides, it also provides advanced features like track breathing trough custom swaddle band. The system will provide you an alert signal through the app on your phone if the baby wakes up or anything looks suspicious.

  1. White Noise Sound Machine:

A baby needs to sleep both day and night. The outside noise will create a disturbance while he is trying to sleep. In this section, we give you a solution that will work as a white-sounding machine, provide night light and set the timer to wake up.

This facility comes in one product that is Rest+ Sounding Machine. It is all in one sounding solution that provides facilities such as customize color, brightness, sound, volume level via mobile app, create the ideal sleep environment, time-to-rise setting for an older childand various essential features.

  1. Cool Mist Humidifier:

No one love to sleep with a stuffy nose as it is uncomfortable for anyone and especially for a tiny baby. By adding a humidifier for your little one especially during the winter months is the best way to get the moisture back into his sleeping space, resist their stuffiness before they even start. Besides, it also relieves cough, cold, dry cough, nasal congestion, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin and hair, flu symptoms. Moreover, the cool-mist version helps reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%. This product is very useful for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep.

  1. Sleeping Sack:

Sleeping sacks is a very useful product to ensure pleasant sleeping. It is a very comfortable wearable that helps cover your baby like a blanket. Some parents worry about losing blanket so, this is the chance to remove your tension. This product is 100% cotton, wearable blankets create a safe sleeping, two layers of lightweight, exceptionally breathable for optimal airflow, reducing the risk of overheating, and other important features.


Sleeping is one of the most essential parts of a baby’s life. If he can’t sleep properly, it will impact his future life. So, make sure your baby gets the right products to have a pleasant sleep. Always remember, A good sleeping baby is a happy baby.



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