Pros and Cons of Traveling in an RV

Traveling in RV

Do you love traveling upcountry or to neighboring countries to enjoy what nature offers but don’t want to leave your pets behind? Are you tired of the inconveniences you encounter due to airport delays? Or do you prefer making your schedule and engineering your unique adventures? You should consider taking an RV trip if that’s the case. However, if you’re an RV beginner traveler, you must consider several pros and cons before embarking on your trip. Below are the main benefits and limitations of traveling in an RV: 

Pros Of Traveling In An RV

1. You Don’t Get To Experience The Hassle Of Airports

In the past, flying was the most convenient way to travel to your vacation destination. Nowadays, most airports are extremely congested with extended lines that can waste a lot of your time before you receive the services. As if that’s not enough, you’re forced to arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure time to undergo security screening successfully. 

Can you imagine traveling on your schedule without any inconveniences? That’s the advantage you get when traveling in an RV. With this option, you’ll forget about waiting in long lines and going through awkward security screening procedures. 

2. You Can Take Your Pets Along When Traveling In An RV

If you’re fond of your pets and have developed an inseparable bond, an RV gives you a chance to bring them along. After all, most RV parks do have facilities to accommodate your pets comfortably. You only have to research the RV parks you intend to tour to see if they allow pets. 

You may incur additional charges for your pets, but that’s no big deal if you love your fur companions. It’s advisable to take a kennel along to help you contain your pet inside the RV whenever necessary. 

3. RV Travel Offers A Unique Experience

The other advantage you get when traveling in an RV is a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery. This is contrary to the experience you get when flying over such sceneries at 20,000 feet. Traveling in an RV will help you learn to appreciate the elegance and magnificence of the color change of tree leaves along the Blue Ridge Parkway, for instance. You’ll also get an opportunity to enjoy the jaw-breaking splendor of various sites, even if you’re only passing by. 

Perhaps you’ve seen photos of such beautiful scenery. Pause for a moment to think how fun it will be if you get the chance to take photos of great sites you tour while on your adventure. What’s more, you can take along your electronic devices and get an opportunity to exchange the photos and videos you take with friends! These are the unique experiences you’ll have when traveling in an RV. 

4. RV Travel Helps Save On Accommodation Expenses

Having an RV mattress and bed in your RV vehicle implies that you won’t need to incur accommodation expenses while on a trip. If you plan to have extended road trips, you could save a significant amount of your cash you could otherwise use on accommodation. That’s a great advantage. 

Cons Of Traveling In An RV 

1. Some Routes May Be Out Of Reach

One of the main disadvantages of traveling in an RV is its huge size, which may limit you from using certain narrow routes. Therefore, you may consider getting a GPS to guide you toward RV-friendly routes. 

2. Traveling In An RV May Come With Other Costs

While traveling in an RV can save you some cash on accommodation, there are other costs you’ll incur. For instance, you’ll have to cover maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs. And if you’re purchasing an RV, you’ll also have to incur the upfront cost, which may include interest, particularly if you’re making payment using finance. 

3. Traveling In An RV Mat Take Longer To Arrive

One key disadvantage of traveling in an RV is the slow pace at which it travels. That’s because you’ll have to plan to drive for a distance not exceeding 300 miles daily. Otherwise, you may arrive at your destination too tired to enjoy your adventure. 

Wrapping Up

If you’re one of the individuals who like to have a unique experience while touring various places, an RV trip is what you need! You’ll be free to visit any site you like whenever you feel like it! Using the above advantages and disadvantages, you can decide if an RV trip is your thing.



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