Pool Party Outfit Ideas

Pool Party Outfit Ideas

Winters are about to end in a few months making way for sunny summers and pool parties. Have you already started working on your summer bod? If the answer is yes, then you are also probably planning pool parties in your head. It is such a fun time to soak up the warm sun and chill by the pool. But for many, the same occasion can be cause of grave concern and you know why? The party outfit!

But don’t worry. In this article, we bring to you some style inspiration and ideas to rock the party scene. So if you are Looking To Buy Party Wear Dresses Online, then read these style tips first and then shop for the perfect outfit.

Your clothes will most likely get wet

When you are in a pool party, it is only a matter of time when someone pushes you into that inviting blue water. Since it is always better to be safe than to be sorry, so look for cotton or linen outfits that are not only breezy but also handle water really well.

Style your bottoms

The best way to style a poolside party dress is to wear a cute bottom on a one-piece bathing suit that can also double up as a body suit. Consider matching it with a playful skirt with pop colours to match the energy of the setting near you. Ready to hit the pool? Just slide out of your skirt and take a plunge.

Pants are not a compulsion

The beauty of summer parties is that they are carefree and do not require you to “dress-up.” In fact, it all about dressing down. So consider throwing a simple white shirt on your bikini, match it with colourful flip-flops and you are all set. When done the right way, they look incredibly classy and can really make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

Keep it simple with overalls

Overalls are so easy to slide on top of your swimsuits. But most importantly, they are available in tons of colours and designs that will literally spoil you for choice. Just pick one that matches the theme of your party and you are all set. You can also pair beige overalls with neon coloured halter neck bikini that adds a different hue, but not too much.

Pick up a jacket

Who would think of carrying a jacket on a summer party? But once the sun goes down, it may get nippy and a lightweight jacket will be perfect for the occasion.

Don’t forget the accessories

Your party look is not complete until you coordinate it with proper accessories. Look for basket weave bags or statement earrings to go with your outfit. Don’t forget the oversized sunglasses to protect you from the sun and also add an element of style to your poolside ensemble. Just always remember to balance the look and not go over the top. Use your imagination and styling guidelines to complete your outfit without wearing too much of everything!

The good old sarong

Sarong is a poolside staple and must be carried or worn at least once to a pool party. This piece of fabric is extremely versatile and can be styled in number of ways. You can wear it as a scarf on a sunny day or as a dress or even as a skirt. Keep your mind open to different possibilities and design your outfit accordingly.

Wear a hat

Hats are not only a cool addition to your cute outfit but also work wonders in protecting you from the harsh sunrays. So do wear a hat and look cool on the pool!

Try out a new print

If you are attending a pool party on your vacation, then scour the local markets to pick out a trendy print that is reminiscent of the destination’s local flavour. These styles are often feminine and affordable. So you can basically create a completely new look with an indigenous print.

Avoid wearing heels

The one thing that pool parties do not need is heels. In fact, this is one of those rare occasions when you can wear comfortable flats. You can also wear platforms but never heels.

Coordinate your outfit

Match your swimsuit with your outfit to create a coordinated look. Matching the right prints together is actually quite fun. So go crazy in the prints galore!

Wear a dress that normally don’t

Dresses can never be ruled out of a pool party but try to do it with a twist this time. Rather than wearing standard dresses, how about wearing a caftan this time?

These expert tips will give you a head start to planning a fun and stylish pool party dress for the upcoming summers!



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