Pale Days of Coronavirus is Up for a Long Stay

Pale Days Of Coronavirus Is Up For A Long Stay

The dark times have come. The world is going through a tough phase of a severe health emergency.

The pandemic coronavirus started in 2019 is giving sleepless nights for all doctors and health officials. It was started from a bat as a source spread to another animal and then to human beings. The perfect vaccine and medicine for this virus come into existence.

Severe efforts are being under working to find the right medicine to combat this virus as the prolonging of this virus will only lead to deaths and a state of an apocalypse.

World over, including in the United Kingdom, hospital, and medicinal centers have patients tested positive of this virus. All the medical staff is round the clock vigilant of taking care of these people accompanies by the grave danger of contracting it on themselves as well.

Various places have been earmarking for testing and treating of positive coronavirus patients. It is because the space in hospitals is falling short, with a higher number of patients.

Life has reached a standstill with the Government to have declared a complete lockdown.

Stay at home has been the advisory and venturing outside only for specific purposes has been allowing. Social distancing and wearing masks is inevitable not to let the virus reach more people.



The total number of deaths in the United Kingdom has reached an alarming rate of 18,738 as of 23rd April 2020. The area affected the most is the London having 4300 deaths till this date.


Noting age-wise, statistics by the Department of Health found that a maximum number of deaths were for the older people within the age groups of 60 to 80.

With the numbers

1324 deaths of people aged between 40 and 59

6593 deaths of people aged between 60 to 79 and

8737 deaths of people aged above 80.


In such a situation, trade and commerce have become standstill, and people, especially the daily wage earners and salaried class, are suffering a lot.

The passage of vehicles has been on hold. People shop supplies for homes as if the world is ending.

The scare for the lack of essential goods is making people even violent in certain parts of the world.

The cash crunch is has hit people with no source of income for even daily food needs.

It is an alarming situation.

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People in various parts think that the Government should have been well informed and better prepared for this type of pandemic.

They feel that the Prime Minister and other people in power were too busy focusing on the aspects of exiting, that Brexit and thus were not so severe at first regarding this pandemic.

Despite becoming aware of the spreading of this virus, various measures in the parliament in the form of cabinet reshuffles made rather than taking precautionary efforts to combat this virus.

The day when the first positive case of COVID -19 was confirmed was on 31st January 2020. Already in the near time, 14000 people had lost their lives to this.

The information is that all the Governments had the warnings of this pandemic beforehand by the WHO in December 2019. Yet the Government did not pay any heed to it till the time of March.

The lockdown instructions were given in March only and that too after the Prime Minister Mr. Boris Johnson himself having contracted this virus.


Nevertheless, something to get relief is that the patients hospitalized are improving at a good pace with a decrease in their number from 17477 to 16906.

The daily positive cases are below 5000 as of now, and continuous efforts are going to lessen even this figure.

The curve of the combating this virus is getting flat with the Government efforts and untiring spirit of the doctors.

In addition, let’s hope that all the positive affected patients recover very well and that life starts to move on just as old days but with precautions, of course.


Author Bio-

Combating of the coronavirus is not easy. Even if the whole UK recovers, the scare of it being contracted again from outside the UK lingers.



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