Worried about Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult? 5 Reasons to Ask your Dentist about 6 Month Smiles!

Orthodontic Treatment

Having misaligned teeth can be very tricky as an adult.

Unlike when you are a child, in the adult world there is so much that is dependent on your appearance; studies have found that, in the workplace, your colleagues are 70% more likely to trust you if you have straighter teeth. If you are self-employed and client hunting, you are at a higher risk of losing clients if your teeth are misaligned, talk about cruel!

Luckily, if you are an adult whose teeth are less than perfectly straight, there are many options that can help you. Before you stick your nose up at the idea of having a brace, the 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland can offer you a discreet way to get straighter teeth, in record time!

Are there any other benefits to trying this brace as an adult?


One of the key reasons many people refuse orthodontic work is out of concern that the procedure will be uncomfortable to undertake.

Rest assured that with 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, there will be minimal if any discomfort throughout treatment. You may experience some minor discomfort after the brace is fitted and during any tightenings, but this should be easy to manage with over the counter painkillers.

As the brace moves both the surface of your teeth and the roots at the same time and does not rely on pulling the teeth into their new position, it is an extremely comfortable brace to wear.

More cost-effective

Another worry many adults have about orthodontic work is the price.

As the 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland requires fewer dental visits, fewer adjustments and is completed in an accelerated time, the overall cost is less than you would expect.

When looking for a dental surgery that offers this treatment, make sure you enquire about payment plans or finance options as many surgeries offer competitive rates.

Treats multiple issues

Treats multiple issues

Similar to the traditional orthodontic brace, a six month brace can treat a wide variety of dental issues.

If you have a slight overunderbite, have issues with prominent spacing between your teeth, or if your teeth are overcrowded and protruding, it is likely that you will benefit from this treatment. It can also improve precision in your bite, meaning you will be able to bite into that apple without issue!

Exceptional results

Also, this brace also offers visually striking results and has, on average, a 97% success rate worldwide.

Offering dental patients the same level of realignment as traditional orthodontic braces but in a shorter time, this brace is perfect for adults and teenagers who want to correct their smiles in a discreet fashion.

And of course, fast results!

While it is obvious from this brace’s title, consider that average treatment for orthodontic realignment in adults can take up to 2 years.

While this brace can take a little longer to achieve the perfect smile, it will usually have your teeth straightened in 9 months; now that’s a fast turnaround!



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