Metal vs. Shingle Roofing: Which should I Use?

Metal vs. Shingle Roofing

There are many roofing materials that you can use for your home. These materials have different purposes and functions. The most used roofing material in America is shingle roofing. Over the years, this material dominated the roofing market.

However, metal roofing is slowly getting its way because of its functionality. This leaves the question of what roofing material is better to use in your home. With this being set, we would love to compare these two materials and see what goes better with the roof.

Be noted that the best roofing still depends on the area that you live in. However, in terms of objective standards, one would stand out. Durability, pricing, appearance, installation, energy efficiency are the criteria for these two roof types.

With that being said, here is our take on what the better roofing material is.


Both asphalt and metal shingles can last up to 60 years, and roofing companies give warranties for up to 50 years. The only difference is asphalt shingles need to be replaced two to three times within the 60 years.

Asphalt shingles are more likely to be damaged because of wind and hail. They can also accumulate algae, mold, and mildew. On the other hand, metal roofs are made to withstand any harsh weather; you need to make sure that you use great metal roofing and not the cheap ones.

For this category, the vote is on metal roofing.


Metal roofing can cost from $265 to $600 per roofing square for steel shingles, $120 to $150 for corrugated steel panels, and $700-$900 for roofing made out of copper or zinc. After installation, metal roofing would cost approximately $500 to $1,000 per square. The overall cost of installing a metal roof goes from $7,500 to $25,000.

On the other hand, asphalt shingles will only cost you $100 to $120 per square. Installations of asphalt shingles cost $80 to $200 per square with an additional $80 to $150 for removal of the previous roof. The overall cost for having shingle roof installation is $3,500 to $8,000.

It is no wonder why most Americans use shingles over metal, and for that, we give our vote to shingle roofing for this round.


Asphalt shingles are more seen in the suburbs and cities because most builders trust and love asphalt shingles. Over the years, Americans are accustomed to seeing shingles. Shingles vary in many colors which can match the paint of the house.

On the other hand, metal roofs are not that popular in urban areas and appeal more to agricultural areas. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofing does not have that many colors to match house paints. Metal roofing also looks strange in a neighborhood filled with metal shingles.

For this round, asphalt shingles take the win.


Installing asphalt shingles are hard because of the weight of the shingles, especially traditional asphalt shingles. Insurance companies might require you to remove old shingles before acquiring one. Depending on the size of the house, removing all old shingles can take one to two days.

Meanwhile, a more lightweight option than shingles is metal roofing. You no longer have to remove anything with metal roofing. You can install it on top of the old roofing, and you are all set. Metal roofing only weighs 50 pounds per square while shingles weigh 500 pounds per square.

Without a doubt, metal roofing is easier to install than shingles.

Energy efficiency

A benefit of having metal roofs is it can lower your electric bills by 40%. Because of the reflective abilities of metal roofing, unlike shingles that absorb heat, which makes your house hotter that is why shingles are recommended for cool climates.

One the other hand, asphalt shingles are better in the winter than metal roofing because they can absorb the heat from the winter sunlight which means that there are fewer costs for the thermostat. Metal roofing also does good in the winter, just not as good as shingle roofing.

With these being said, one cannot define what the better roof is because this varies on the type of weather that exists anywhere where the house is located.


From the criteria, shingle roofing has greater appearance and would not hurt your pockets as much. On the other hand, metal roofing is more durable and is easier to install than shingle roofing. And in terms of energy efficiency, both are good, depending on your location.

Our pick for the better roofing is metal roofing. Yes, shingles are more used and are cheaper. But, metal roofing sure can be more worth it due to the ease that it brings. You no longer have to replace metal roofs two or three times within the 60 years, it is easier to install, and can have greater warranties. No wonder why more and more people get metal roofs on their roofing contractors.



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