Complete Makeover to Your Cooking Area: 8 Ideas for Open Shelving

Ideas for Open Shelving

You bring in beautifully designed dish wares and unique stylish jars and hide them behind the doors. What’s the use of it? When you’ve brought them for decoration, then you should flaunt it. That’s only possible if you give the nod to open shelving for your kitchen.

Even if your kitchen is small, you can show off your cutleries, having easy access to the daily needed things. To start with the basics, know how to renovate a small kitchen. After that, scroll down to get eight ideas for open shelving.

  1. Live-edge shelving with woods:

To give your kitchen an organic feel, you can opt for floating shelves, formed of reclaimed wood. It looks great in most spaces, especially in a small kitchen. They are generally the slabs of the timber, where some parts of bark are still visible. It will give your kitchen a rustic look.

You can check some do it yourself (DIY) videos and learn the secret to successful floating shelves.

  1. Open shelving with hanging storage:

Generally, people consider slabs for open shelving kitchen to get a balanced and symmetrical look. However, the mismatch is in trend now. So, you can install flatslabs on one part and hanging storage on another. There you can hang your spoons to show off your collection. Believe us; such alternatives will work well in your small space kitchen.

Bonus: Its easily accessible so you can any time grab it.

  1. Open shelves taking help of rails:

Many of you must be fond of open kitchens, but at the same time, you would like to keep it organised. To keep the best of both worlds, open shelves with rails might entice you. They are just not attractive in look, but functional too. The good news is they are great space savers, and your utensils will always be in your reach.

You can configure the system to fit in your space, from a single rail over the range to a full-kitchen system.

  1. Open shelves in the corners:

If awkward corners of your kitchen drive you crazy, then create open shelving. Generally, people have space on their platform corners. Well, in that case, you can utilise it for storing daily use items by placing floating shelves there. If you’ve hidden corners, then its view might be hidden. So, you can use it for microwaves or other kitchen appliances.

Since its corners, space might be dark, so go for white slabs or get electricity connection there.

  1. Design an open pantry:

Given this hot debate, the idea of open pantry may not look appealing to everyone. But it works for those cooks who like to have their ingredients right in front of their eyes. For this, you’ll need a free wall to make it look more organised.

To get the look more interesting, you can place rustic woods. It will hold a variety of items from glassware and pottery to toll vases and bottles.

  1. Open shelves on your island:

Yes, you heard it right! The island sits a few inches above the floor, which make things open and airy. It’s a contemporary element to add and can be functional for storage too. You can add one antique farm table (wood or steel would be an ideal choice!) to form an island. Furthermore, you can place your bulkier pieces on open shelves that look awkward in traditional cabinets.

In the end, your island will act as an accent, with the rest of the dishes tucked neatly away.

  1. Open shelving in front of windows:

It is a unique idea that solves everyone’s kitchen design dilemma. Open shelving in front of windows will allow you to maintain light without sacrificing the storage. You can add floating shelves to keep mugs, salt and sugar jars, small vessels, etc. If your window is near the sink area, you can utilise the open shelves for placing washing essentials.

Hence, this idea will make a statement. And it will keep the focus on the shelf in front of the window without any distractions.

  1. Open shelving with marbles:

If you are worried about the mess and clutter in open shelving, then choose marbles (white colour is the best!). It comes in different patterns, textures, and colours, so employ your favourite stone as the main characteristic of your kitchen. It will be the best idea to create sync and harmony between the ambience of the kitchen and floaters.

You can place colourful crockeries on it (in case you opt for white), and also green plants will look best on marble.

Everyone gets bored overtime:

The most fun and as well as challenging part of open shelving is styling. Once you get to know how to do it, it becomes effortless and enjoyable. But with time, everyone gets bored with the old styles, and you need restyling. Therefore, keep the colour palette simple so that redoing becomes more manageable. Also, make sure that there is a variation of heights, so your eye is drawn across the entire shelf.

Additionally, opt for any of the above ideas and add a wow-factor to your entire cooking area.



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