How to Increase your HGH Levels Naturally

How to increase your HGH levels naturally

Human growth hormone (HGH) is vital for your pituitary gland. It plays an active role in metabolism, cell repair function, and body composition. HGH naturally boosts exercise performance, muscle growth, and strength.

If the HGH level is low in the body, it can decrease your body’s ability to fight with diseases. Well, you can also increase your HGH levels in other natural ways.

Ways to increase your HGH levels naturally:

  • Reduce sugar intake

A high insulin level in the body can cause a decrease in HGH levels. Refined carbs in sugar increase the insulin level of the body and that affects the HGH.

Excess sugar intake also causes weight gain and is a major cause of obesity. Limit the intake of sugar in your body and if possible avoid sugar intake. A balanced diet does play an important role in increasing the HGH level.

  • Lose excess body fat

Belly fat and body fat can impair HGH production in the body and also increase the risk of various diseases. Belly fat, especially in men is the most dangerous type of fat that is linked to many diseases.

Aim to lose your body fat as that will optimize the level of HGH in the body. Reducing body fat can also keep you fit and healthy.

  • Exercise at moderate or high intensity

Do you know that the way you exercise also affects your HGH level? Exercise is one of the effective ways to increase your HGH level in the body. You can start with a basic warm-up session and then practice moderate and high-intensity exercises.

Interval training, circuit training, and weight training exercises help you to stay fit and optimize the level of HGH in the body. This also helps to maximize fat loss. Exercises cause a spike in HGH levels and high-intensity workouts benefit the most.

  • Pay heed to your sleep pattern

It has been proved in a recent study that poor sleep can reduce the amount of HGH in your body. It is important to optimize your sleep to naturally increase the level of HGH in your body.

Avoid any kind of blue light exposure or read a book at bedtime. Don’t consume caffeinated drinks and if possible don’t eat anything before you sleep. Sleep for at least eight hours if you want to stay healthy. Optimizing sleep will increase the HGH level of the body.

  • Fasting can help

Fasting can help to increase the HGH levels to a good extent. You can fast intermittently if you wish to increase your levels. But don’t fast continuously as that may affect your body metabolism. You may feel lethargic and weak with continuous fasting.

You can follow an eight-hour eating window with 16 hours fast. This requires you to include only 500 calories per two days. You can keep a tab on your fasting with the calorie counter. Shorter fasting will help you better so do stick to it.

Natural supplements like Genf20plus also increase your HGH level of the body.



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