How to have Travel Freedom

How to Have Travel Freedom

Traveling with any kind of disability can complicate travel plans. This is particularly true for wheelchair users. However, with some planning and patience, it’s possible to travel with a disability.

One of the most challenging aspects of travel is planning. The primary purpose of travel isn’t to sit around but to see places. Unfortunately, travel planning can be time-consuming, particularly if you’re a wheelchair user or traveling with a wheelchair.

Tips on Travelling abroad

You may not be able to use a wheelchair-accessible vehicle from a specialist provider like when you are abroad. Try the following tips:

1) Allow plenty of time

Arriving at airports with plenty of time is true for most travelers. However, when using a wheelchair, it is recommended to arrive much earlier. This is to allow for any delays in getting any support you need to clear customs and board the plan.

2) Know what’s available at airports

Many wheelchair users have reported problems at airports because there aren’t many facilities. Wheelchair users with disabilities will face challenges when using airport furniture and equipment. Knowing if special services are offered at the airport before you travel is important.

3) Consider using public transport

If you’re a wheelchair user or unable to lift your chair, consider using public transport if possible. If you have no choice but to drive yourself, be very wary of long journeys in poor weather conditions where there could be traffic and other delays, especially if you are away from your home city.

4) Travel with someone who can assist you

If you do travel with someone who can help you, make sure he or she is aware of when you will need assistance. If possible, have someone in the car or find a taxi from the airport to your accommodation.

5) Consult your doctor before travel

You should consult your doctor regarding conditions that may be exacerbated during travel. If your condition requires medication, be sure to have adequate amounts delivered and double-check when it must be taken before your trip.

6) Consider extra medical insurance

Some wheelchair users are hesitant to take out supplementary medical insurance as they are on a limited budget. However, this should not stop them. Health insurance policies can be expensive, and the costs may be more than you’re willing to pay. Consider purchasing medical insurance that covers all types of disabilities, especially if you are traveling.

7) Double check baggage labels

If you’re traveling with a wheelchair, double-check that your label is on the wheelchair and is clear. The last thing you want is for your chair to be sent to the wrong location.

Travel with a wheelchair has become more accessible due to technological advancements. There are now many types of assistive technologies that can help wheelchair users travel more efficiently.

8) Utilize technology to get around

Using technology that can help you travel more effectively is essential. Sitting in the same position for a long time can be tiring. Entering the world of technology can solve many problems.

These devices can provide touch-free controls and make navigating through barriers such as curbs and stairs easier. Some devices even offer directions at airports and bus stations. All these systems have limitations, such as battery life and the time it takes for the system to respond.

At the end of the day, all wheelchair users want to go on holiday, but with a disability, they can often become more anxious. It is important to take some time to plan your trip and ensure that you have set yourself up for success.



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